Windows Media Player makes the playing of music and videos a notch more interesting than anything else. In a simple yet very intuitive way, Album art makes the detection, selection and organization of media files much easier and a lot more colorful. Album art can either automatically or manually placed on the album cover. This serves as a great organizational tool. Of course, one can customize or find the right album art using a variety of ways, all done in Media Player.

Sources of Album Art

Album art can come from online sources and data providers. It can also be part of the CD and can be transferred to the PC when ripped. If the computer is online, Media Player automatically scans the internet of the album art for those songs with missing images.

Missing Album Art

There could be missing art on some albums or music if for example, you ripped a music CD that came from a third party source and not from an original disk. The missing album art could also be there because the user ripped the CD offline, therefore the automatic search capabilities of Media Player are not activated.  The system security could have limited the automatic search and download of information from online sources.

Viewing album art

The album art makes the playlist much more desirable and organized. You can find the album art if you set the category to album. You can also see the album art if you select the contributing artist. It is also the icon of the music file on the folder from medium to extra-large icon options.

Viewing album art when playing music

You can view the album art while playing that specific by going to the Now Playing Mode. Just right click an open space on the player and then click on visualizations and then select album art.

Other features

You can find the album art by right-clicking on the selected song that has missing artwork. Click on Find Album information and if you are connected to the internet, Media Player will find the album art automatically for your needs. You will be directed to a selection of album arts. Select the correct one to properly archive the information.

You can manually add an album art on a song. Go first to Library mode. Find the song with the missing album art. Select the picture in GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG or JPEG. Right click on the picture and then click on Copy. In the player library, go to the album art box and then paste the image.

Overall, adding and replacing album arts in Media Player is very easy. All you have to do is find the right one automatically or manually. The album art helps in improving the look of your playlist. It also makes the selection of your music very fast and simple. By picking the right album information you can archive all the details including album art on your selections. It makes for a delightful addition for your media usages.