Microsoft has this irritating trait of getting rid of the things we are used to on their operating systems whenever a new one comes out. These useful aspects in the previous version include the desktop items. The first thing that most Windows 7 users notice is the lack of icons on the desktop. The reason for that is that they are repeatedly turned off by default which sometimes comes as an annoyance. Here, you will find out how you can get the Computer, User’s Files, Network and Recycle Bin icons visible once more right on your very own desktop on the Windows 7.

How to Find the Missing Desktop Icons
1.    Opening a personalization window. First, you must right click on anywhere on your desktop screen. On the menu, click on Personalize which will prompt to open the Personalization window.
2.    Change the desktop icons link. The next step is for you to look at the upper left side of the new Personalization window. There, you will see a text menu listing. Click on the option, Change desktop icons.
3.    How to select the icons that you wish to display. On the Desktop Icon Settings windows, you will be able to see and select or deselect the desktop icons that you want to be displayed on your desktop. After you have checked the check boxes preferred, click on the Ok button to finish. Now, you should be able to see the icons you chose on your desktop.
4.    If these icons suddenly disappear from your desktop leaving it empty of all its usual items, Windows 7 must have hid them because they think that it will help the user be more organized. This is not true for some users who want easy access to the icons that they use regularly like Computer and User’s Files. So you can bring these right back by right-clicking on your empty desktop. Choose the View option from the pop-up menu and check if the Show Desktop Icons has a check mark so everything that you need stays visible.
Aside from the Recycle Bin icon, you can also add several other icons. The Compute icon provides you with easy access to the drives and components that are connected to your computer. The User’s files are where you can access your documents. Network shows all the computers on your local area network and the Control Panel enables you to modify the different settings in your computer.
If you notice that nearly every icon that can be found on your desktop have suddenly made a disappearing act, leaving your desktop completely empty, Windows 7 probably hid them elsewhere in some sort of a misguided attempt for being generally helpful.
If you want to see them all back right where they are supposed to be, the only thing you need to do is to right-click on your now empty desktop. After that, simply choose the View command from the pop-up menu, and, then, just make sure that the Show Desktop Icons command has a check mark so that everything stays visible.
This will make using Windows 7 so much easier. You won’t even notice the upgrade from your former favorite operating system once you learn these steps to retrieve your desktop icons.