Windows Media Player has been reinvented to address the needs of video and music lovers to collect and organize all their media files in a very intuitive manner. In its latest version for Windows 7, this player has been refreshed, energized and intensified to address all essential information regarding the data on the playlist. Windows Media Player is an intelligent organizer where users can adjust how they want to view their media lists. You will love the rather simple but rigorous organization methods implemented.

Organizing information

Media information is a necessity in Windows Media Player. Information about the composers, the year of release, singers, album and even album cover is organized in a horizontal arrangement so the user can easily get information in a very intuitive and user friendly way. You can click on tabs to arrange your information depending on rating, date, alphabetical order, composer, singer and of course, album.

Automatic data information

In Windows Media Player, any song that is ripped from an official music CD will get access to all the music details of the song. It is an automatic detail that is part of the information database on the CD. It will also include copyrights and other details including the Album art for that specific album. In some internet sources, you can also have the song information included already in the download so once it gets archived in Windows Media Player; the user can easily recover the information of the song.

Editing data

If you just added a new song or album on your playlist and it is incomplete with details to organize it to your collection, all you have to do is right click on a domain that is missing on the song. Say a song was released in 2004; you can right click that arc for year and type in the corresponding year. Automatically, the song will be organized once you click on the function to organize the playlist per year.

Dragging information

If a media file is unknown but you know it is supposed to be part of a certain group or album, you can drag the unknown across the album and automatically, the album information will be fixed.

Other features

Using the Windows Media Player, the user can prevent preset information from being overwritten. You can just go to the automatic information updates for files area and then select only add missing information.

You can add media information on the song or album by just right clicking the entry and selecting find album info. All possible relevant information will be included in the list.

Overall, Windows Media Player helps users to archive and arrange their media information in the most accurate and detailed manner. One can arrange and organize information using the tabs at the tab and with the media information complete, you can surely know everything you have to know about the song. Windows Media Player takes media information in a different level. Experience the ease of use in organizing your media files.