If you have used windows 7 for some quite some time, you may think it has no task bar unlike the other of its versions such as Windows XP or Vista. I downloaded Windows 7 beta and quickly noticed the task bar was missing, but as I soon realized it really was available, the only thing is, it is just hidden! The problem is, with the shift of the styling of the task bar to its new icons, Microsoft overlooked the need for Quick Launch. But you don’t need to worry about, it is a relatively thing to do and in no time, your Quick Launch Buttons will be availed on your Windows 7 task bar.

To begin the procedure,

  • Just right click on the task bar, access the “Toolbars” tab and then go to the “New Toolbar” and click to open it.
  • Once you are in the New Tool bar, to create the Quick Launch tab readily do the following: In the folder text area, write %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. After you have entered the above instructions, simply press Enter and immediately, you will notice that the Quick Launch bar will be added on the right part of the task bar.
  • After you have created the Quick Launch tab on the right side of the task bar, you have to unlock it and this you by doing the following: Simple right click on the task bar again and on the “Lock the taskbar” tab, uncheck the box besides it. You will immediately notice that your task bar has added a vertical line towards the left part.
  • You have created the taskbar, unlocked it and now what you need to do is simple. Just drag the vertical line you just created in the third step and put it in the far left side of the task bar. Put the line as far on the right as you possible can.
  • After you feel the line is as far as it should possible go, simply click on the “Quick Launch” option and be sure to uncheck the box next to the tab “Show text” and “Show title”

Voila! Here it is!

You have just created successfully your new quick launch option on your Windows 7 task bar. It is that simple a procedure. Microsoft did modify the toolbar of its Windows 7 to allow the addition of some new features that personally I find rather cool and interesting to use. But hiding the Quick Launch option kind of left me guessing and totally unaware it had been hidden.


The good thing is, the Windows 7 operating system gives you the additionally features the task bar was modified for but still allows you to add the Quick Launch option and still add it to your task bar.

Quickly and easily enable your Quick Launch to your Windows 7 task bar using the above given instructions. Its hiding makes it exotic and relatively mystic, adding to the overall feel of using the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7.