For a long time I wanted to change the file association in my windows vista. I tried through all means and ways to change them but I could not do so. I only ended up messing my computer files. I had to seek professional help to help me do it and get my computer files in order once more. I really had to part with a lot of money for this to be done. I later came to learn that the process did not require an expert to do so. I really felt conned of all the money that I parted with. The steps are quite easy and one can change the file association without professional help. I would not want you to get conned for my ignorance like I did.

The operating systems for Microsoft windows utilize the file extensions to identify the different types of files. The operating system will open a files native program when you access the file types depending on the file type. There are usually two methods of having this file associations edited. One uses the control panel option when changing the file associations. When making changes to the files the profile of each file is edited.

I was able to learn of the following methods that one can be able to change the file association themselves. They are two ways and they include:

Using the control panel

Using this option one starts by clicking on the start button. You then navigate your pointer to where there is the word control panel on the start menu. You then select it. In the window that pops up you will see the icon default programs. You then click on it to open it. When the window opens you should then select the option set associations. When you do so, the interface for the associations will launch. You should then navigate your mouse pointer to the file extension. You should then click on this file extension. You then should click on the change program. This will help you edit the program that is associated. There will be a list of the available programs thus you should select the program from here and then click ok.

Using file properties

You should first start by clicking on the start button. From the start menu you should click explore. This will automatically open windows explorer. You should then navigate your mouse pointer to the file that you want to edit. On the file right click. From the popup menu select the word properties. When the window pops up you should click on the general tab. This is if it is not already active. The next step will then be to click on the button that reads change. This button is right next to the label that reads opens with. The last step will be to click on another program so that you can associate it with this file.

Then now you can click ok.

With the above steps you can now be able to change your own file associations without any problem. As you can see it is quite easy.