Building a music PC comprises of a decent board that is being capable of utilizing the Athlon chips up to 3Ghz models and even 512 Mb of PC3200 RAM, an Nvidia 32Mb AGP card, a 80Gb ATA 133 7200 rpm hard disk drive, the Athlon 2400 CPU chip ,bundled cooler and obviously a decent sized case of 350W power supply.

The heart of the computer system is Gigabyte ga-7vax-a motherboard, so first of all we have to make this board ready to fit. For this we need to fit the heat sink assembly first. Heat sink lines up with raised ‘step’ on the edge of the motherboard’s cpu where the edge of cpu ends. Line up the heat sink with cpu/socket, after that lower the edge down to make the steel clamp end over cpu-socket hooks. All you have to do now is to connect cpu-heat sink fan power lead. It is clearly marked on board and in instruction manual. The next thing we have to do is to Fit the ram into their proper slots. While fitting the ram into their slots you have to take care of the Clips. You have to open the clips fully and Lower the ram into its slot gently. After this, all you need to fit the motherboard into the casing. Now you have to connect the all motherboard cables properly on their right place. Remember while connecting the cables that you are connecting all the cables in a sequential manner as instructed in the manual like first you have to connect the Motherboard power connector block the the other ones. These small connectors on the motherboard are all clearly visible as they are marked with the text lettering on each of the connector to identify its pin socket.

Now you need to make your first boot up of the system to check whether all the connectors are connected well. Remember that you don’t need to connect any drive at this time. At the time of booting you will see a status message that computer is detecting the IDE Drives and it will fail of course. After this you will see the message:

‘DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER’ and it means that our PC had a perfect boot and all the connectors are connected well.

Now the next task is to add the hard drives. For this purpose we choose an 80 GB ‘Deskstar’ drive as it got plenty of storage space to get your hand out of tight budget, and no doubt it is fast enough and cheap too.

Now the last thing we have to do is to configure the BIOS setup. To enter in the BIOS setup you have to hit the Power button of your pc-case & then a screen will appear to you. You just have to be ready to hit the DELETE key on the Keyboard and that will take you to the BIOS setup. The all functions and settings provide in BIOS setup will on automatic settings and you have to save that setting and restart the PC. Now your low-budget build model of music PC is ready to work for you.