Windows 7 is one the most popular operating systems being used by the computer users all over the world. It’s a reality that a lot of Microsoft windows XP operating system users are using the Windows 7 nowadays due to its great graphics and availability of many new features. People are using the Windows 7 operating system for their communication via internet. We know that we always require an IP address for setting up the internet connection protocol. Every computer has both the Mac address and IP address for the identification of the computer over the internet.

Mac address is unique for every computer but the IP address within the Local area network can be same as the other Local area network computers. It means if we have two Local area networks, then both networks many have the same IP address scheme. But within the local area network each computer will have the unique IP address. I am not going in details about the IP address schemes or about the concepts as to how IP address works. I would like to discuss in this article about how we can assign a static IP address while using the windows 7 Operating system. When we setup home network we can easily assign the static IP address to any computer for identification inside the network. Here we will only discuss how we can assign a static IP to a computer.

If you are managing a home network then it’s a brilliant idea to assign the static IP address to your all computers and devices. If we will use the dynamic host configuration protocol, then our computer will require an IP address at each reboot. It creates a lot of problems while troubleshooting on your network, because it is very difficult to figure out what IP address is being used for by a specific computer at a specific time. Allocating the static IP address is also very useful for the prevention of address conflict among different devices.

You can assign the static IP address by following these steps:

First of all open the search box and type network and sharing in it. Then select the Network and Sharing Center when it comes up. Now click on change the adapter settings after opening the Network and Sharing Center. Now right click on the local adapter and select the properties.

In the Local Area Connection window that says properties, highlight the Internet Protocol in Version 4, namely TCP/IPv4. Then you can click on the button saying Properties. Now you will find the two radio buttons. The first one will be labeled with “obtain an IP address automatically”, while other will be labeled with “use following IP address”. Select the second radio button that has the option “use following IP address”. Then assign the right IP, the Subnet mask, and even the Default gateway which corresponds with your network setup.

Now you should enter your Preferred and Alternate DNS server addresses. Then Validate settings on exit so that Windows can find any problems with the IP addresses, you have entered. After finishing, click the ok button. Now you can close the Local Area Connections Properties window. Then Windows 7 operating system will run network diagnostics and verify if a connection is working properly. These are the few simple steps to assign the static IP address to your computer, using Windows 7 operating system.