Microsoft Access is one of the best and widely used database management systems. It has vast range of features and capabilities it provides to its users for saving, editing, and displaying the data in an intelligent manner. Microsoft Access has gone through a long phase of innovation and is still delivering the best when it comes to developing any database oriented application. It is not only that we can create installable database applications using Microsoft Access but we can also create smart web pages to fetch the data from Access database and display it on a web browser. Its again not only about displaying the information but one can create intelligent forms and web interfaces for inputting the data so that it gets saved in Microsoft Access’s database for further use. In this guide we will discuss how to Automate Data Page forms in Microsoft Access 2003.

The data base forms which we can create from Microsoft Access can display data from Access database and also from other database sources like Microsoft Excel and SQL database servers. All we would need is access to these databases and everything else will be done by the Automated forms that we will create using Microsoft Access 2003.

To create a database form we need to go in to the Page design view in Microsoft Access. Data base pages are automated by dragging the design controls in the page using Access design toolbox. First of all you need to connect to the database. This can be done by clicking on the file menu and then selecting Get External Data. This will give you options to import data from Access tables, Excel, Lotus, or from dBase. If you are accessing a file over the network then please make sure that the particular folder on the network is shared and has given write permission to the users. Now select the Page object in Access and click on Create Data Access Page In Design View. This will initiate a Wizard which will give you step by step instructions to create the automated form. Select the tables and queries which you want to implement in the form and continue. You can even drag and drop the fields which you want to include in your form. You can rename these fields in your form. Next please Grag and drop the data entry controls in your form. Controls like Text Box, list box, radio buttons, and check boxes are the most commonly used controls. If you want automated calculations to be done in your form then you can drag the Pivot Table controls or Excel spreadsheet controls in your form. Drag the Chart control if you wish to display a graphical representation of your data on the form.

Creating forms this way requires that you know the basics of web designing and have good knowledge of interconnecting and working with the controls. Microsoft Access can only do the things for you but the pre-requisite is that you should know what to be done and how to be done.