Limewire is a very popular program that is used for downloading the shared media files. Once the Limewire program is installed into your machine you can search for the media files and download them accordingly onto your hard drive. But in many cases while downloading media files from the Limewire, there is a high possibility to get virus attack.

Let us discuss some general guidelines that can help you to ignore the viruses while downloading files from Limewire. While downloading a file it is essential that you flout the star count rating placed next to the file. Most of us do not know that those are infected. From search results window right click on the media file that you want to download and select advanced. After that, select the look up file with Bitzi. If any warning had been posted you can get it there itself. Lastly, once the file gets downloaded make sure that you won’t open it from the Limewire. Rather move to the folder where the Limewire is selected for storing the download. Search for the file that you have downloaded and scan it with anti-virus/spyware program. You can also scan the entire shared folder. Now after this open the downloaded file.

Steps to avoid Downloading a Virus

  1. It is very essential to download various anti-virus programs like Webroot Spy Sweeper, Windows Live OneCare, Norton Anti-Virus, etc. These programs does not come free but all these are worth the investment.
  1. Keep the anti-virus downloaded in your system up-to-date. Most anti-virus programs are capable of removing a virus that infected your system. Make sure that you run the virus scan as soon as you complete downloading media files from the Limewire.
  1. If the Limewire has not been downloaded first download it and then copy its files onto the flash drive. After that is done just remove the flash drive as well as the Limewire from your computer. To do this use the “Add and Remove Programs” from the Control Panel on your computer.
  1. Stop downloading Limewire if in any case it reports that the file is corrupted. Just remove the file from your system and look for another version of the media file.
  1. Keep an eye on the type of file you have downloaded. Viruses from Limewire are most often gets encrypted within the executable files. Avoid running the “.exe” files downloaded from the Limewire.
  2. If no virus gets detected then close the Norton anti-virus. Then right-click the file and click perform security sweep.
  1. If by any chance a threat gets detected, immediately remove the file and execute a full system scan.
  1. If no virus or threat is detected, then enjoy your file without any fear.Few tips to keep your files safe from the virus:
  • Try to avoid downloading games and the programs. They generally contain virus.
  • Stop downloading files that have extension of .rar, .exe, .zip, and .bat
  • Avoid downloading videos or songs that contain anything improper in their titles.
  • Go for downloading files that are of similar size. If one stands as odd man out then don’t download it.
  • Always keep faith on the virus detector, because almost 99% of them are real.