There are number of malicious programs available to annoy you and to attack the system. One of the most annoying and dangerous malware is Antivirus 2009; it will tell you that it is an anti-virus program. It will do nothing to protect the computer but bombard the computer with pop-ups. It does nothing but it will force you to buy their software and it will disable your antivirus program. When the antivirus will get disabled you will not be able to remove the Antivirus 2009. It will pop-up an alert and advises you to press scan button, just do not do that. There is also a close button, if you press close button, it will start downloading. So don’t do it either.

Now in this article we will tell you how to avoid downloading the Antivirus 2009 virus on your system. Just follow the instructions given below.


Now you are getting this problem and want to deal with it. The first step is to carefully save and close whatever other applications you have been working with. Next step you have to do is to open the Windows task manager. You can do this easily by right clicking on the task bar at the bottom of any page.


When the task manager is opened, you will see a list of tabs in that. But the tab you want is the application tab. Just click the application tab and it will show all the running applications in the windows. Now you have to locate the application named as Anti-virus 2009 and highlight it, then click end task. It may stop immediately otherwise you will get a new response window which gives you the option of “end task now”. Click the tab “end task now”.


From the above steps you can prevent the antivirus 2009 virus from executing your computer and easily close it. You have to be careful because it is a virus in the form of an antivirus and it is particularly hideous and evil. We also recommend you to be careful while browsing new websites because it is everywhere under harmless looking links.

From my personal experience, I first came to know about this virus when my antivirus identified and alerted me to it but I was unable to remove it. It was becoming so annoying and I tried different anti viruses to remove it. While testing different programs, I found one program really working and it was MalwareBytes product. It is easily available on the internet and you can download and use it at no cost. When the virus is executing on your computer, it may stop and disable your task manager. The MalwareBytes product also gives you instructions about to able the task manager. Anyhow you have to stop this harmful and annoying antivirus 2009 virus from your computer.

So, these are the steps to stop and avoid downloading the anti-virus 2009 virus on your system. Using these steps you can do the task very easily.