Common complaints of webmasters or web-makers are the sudden disappearance of their own sites when search in search engines like Google. Some does not know any formal reasons why does a thing like that happened to their self-made sites.

To avoid such occurrence, we might need to first know important things that would lead us to a complete understanding of the issue.

Knowledge about SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process for driving quality traffic to a website and improving the volume – SEO Meaning and Strategy, definition.

Since 1990’s, SEO has been the integral part of internet marketing world and help achieve certain ethical practice that maintain its quality purpose traffic. Because of the increasing company competitions, the need of establishing an ethical practice must be followed in order to achieve the greater purpose of gaining a high rank in search engine and be able to have a great number of visitors to website.

The SEO proposes a strategic way to maintain a healthy website.

The first one is friendly. The friendly here is emphasizing through the quality and uniqueness of your web content. The second one is organic, becoming more intrinsic by taking responsible on your own creations and making.

And the most important but less valued is the devotion to guidelines.

The latter plays the most reason of having a website ban.

It was stated that the ban’s causes are categorized in two main reasons: dropping Google index and IP address has been blocked.

The first reason is categorized as a website ban.

The following tips are highly recommended to avoid the banning.

How to avoid ban:

Say ‘NO’ to website ban-

· “No to Spam” – spam is considered as an electronic junk mail and by excessively sending a large amount on this in the search engine would probably bring your website to its end.

· “No to outbound links” – excessive links like those on the outbound, with 100 pages or more, must be separated to different page. Take note also that in links, one must place only the relevant ones that correspond to your web themes.

· “No No Cloaking” – is the worst type. This is usually done by doing or creating one page for a search engine and another one for the users.

· “No to all inbound links” – not all inbound links are good to your site. Others might be harmful and can cause for the ban of your site because careless building links. Again, only get links that are relevant to web themes.

· “No to bad domains” – the word bad would always go after the word harmful. Therefore, one must never ever use such bad domain history for it could ruin your site.

· “No to unauthorized SEO software” – there are so many substitutions done in order to do things in a hassle-free manner such as engaging to those illegal programs that deeply violates the Google terms and conditions. Eventually, bringing your web to end.

How to avoid IP bans:

The second reason is categorized as for IP bans.

Say “NO” to IP ban-

· “No to unauthorized software” – engaging to an illegal act would really result to an unwanted ban. You have greatly violated the rules being implemented.

· “No to excessive searches” – this can cause great unwanted traffic that would tire up the Google search engine resulting to a ban recommendation.

· “No to excessive number of results” – this is similar to the earlier thought. You must start for at least 30-50 search results before going to a higher number.

· “No to malicious purpose” – use the Google with its main purpose and not by doing those illegal actions.

These are the tips to keep your precious website be at always available.