Microsoft is believed to be the most dominant as well as proving Office suites by the users as well as through the market point of view. One of the Products is Microsoft Excel that comes bundled with Microsoft Office and delivers an outstanding and promising performance with its flexibility, multitalented, adaptable and handy features. It can perform all type of tasks whether it is creating a company’s finance report or an individual’s monthly budget. The only effort one need while creating a task in Excel is while designing a spreadsheet and the formulas for it. Its bit time consuming for the starters but the experienced one can do it easily. But once done with it, user’s effort comes to an end or is negligible in comparison to the work. Still one can’t always give time for the same task again and again. So it is very important on behalf of users to protect and take proactive measures for the task created so as to avoid unfavorable circumstances like unauthorized changes of data/formulas or from deletion of data’s.

Below are some steps to help users prevent uninvited circumstances:


If your spreadsheet is already created its well but if not, create a spreadsheet and on completion of your task. Go to the Tools menu on the toolbar and then click on it if you are Microsoft Excel 2003 user. Move your pointer to Protection and on choosing it again choose Protect Sheet from the options provided in the Menu and you are done. This will help you out to protect and prevent your Spreadsheet from any changes made thereafter.

Step 2:

Now you must be thinking of how to make changes is some mistakes are made while entering values. For that what you have to do is click on Tools on the toolbar and then Protection and then choose Allow Users to Edit Ranges from the Protection menu and then specify the ranges you want the users to be allowed to make changes.

Step 3:

If you are Office 2007 user then instead of tools you have to click on Review tab and then have to choose on the Changes. And the rest process same as the Step 1, choose Protect sheet and you are done.

Step 4:

To allow users to make limited changes in Office 2007, go to Review tab on the toolbar and then choose Changes and then Allow Users to Edit Ranges from the Changes menu. Specify the ranges and you are done with your job. But be very sure while specifying ranges so that your Worksheet gives you the desired result and the users you allow to make changes can’t have the privilege of making changes more then what they are intended for else you will end up creating a new one.