As one of the foremost tools we use to communicate, the advent of the web and the email service is one you must use almost daily.

Better Outlook Express

In that regard, Microsoft Outlook Express is one such application that has made e-mail communication easier and changed the way we communicate online whether its business or other purposes. The society today cherishes the function of the e-mail as one of the key aspects of communication and with Microsoft Outlook Express software; you directly download your mails from the internet easily. However, what happens when you can’t access your information because your system has malfunctioned? As a user of Microsoft Outlook Express, it lets you keep your mail accounts accessible and organized and as such, it is perhaps crucial that you back up the data you have in a hard drive or networker server. It is better to take precautionary measures than wish you had.

What to do!

First of all, to begin the procedure simply access Microsoft Outlook Express from your PC  and once there click on the “Tools” tab just at the top of the now opened Outlook Express window. You will immediately see a drop down menu from which you should pick the “Options” tab. The Options tab will open and Options window tab and from the opened options just click on the “Maintenance” tab that you will easily see and pick out from the options.

The “Maintenance” tab should now be opened and from here simply click on the “Store Folder” tab and you will immediately be presented with a store Location window. Once here, simply double click on the text in the box on the Store Location window that you have opened and then right click on the text that you have selected. A further menu will show up as a drop down list and from the list, pick “Copy” and click on the red “X” tab just above the right hand corner of every window you have opened. Once you have accomplished this simply close down Outlook Express.

After the above, you have closed your Outlook program and all you have to do is simply maneuver to the start menu and go to the “Accessories” tab from where you should pick the “Run” tab and click on it. In the Run window that you have opened, right click on the dialog box and simply pick the “Paste” tab after which just hit the “OK” button. Choose “Edit” from the top of the opened window and select “Select All” from the menu. Now click the “Copy” tab option from the edit menu and then just close the window.

Go to your desktop, right click on it and from the drop down menu choose “New” and then select “Folder” from the subsequent that comes. Simply double click on the new folder you will see, right click on the white space in the new folder and click on “paste.”

There you have, you can thus easily restore your Outlook Express data and back it up too without  hassle.