The core subject of this article is to help readers in knowing the methods to back up and restore Outlook Express Data. So without much adue, we directly go to these methods.

First of all we will express the methods to:

  1. Back up Outlook Express Data

  • To begin , you have to find a store folder. The following steps have to be implemented for the same:
  • First click “Tools” followed by “Options”, in Outlook Express.
  • Now you will see the “Maintenance” tab and find “Store Folder”.
  • Duplicate the store location in the dialog box.
  • Click “Cancel” twice to close this dialog box.

Once you have found the store folder, copy the contents to the same. This can be done by clicking the “Run” tab in the “Start” menu, press CTRL+V followed by “Ok”. Click “Select all” in the “Edit” menu, followed by “Copy” command. Close the window.

Now, create a back up folder. Place the contents of the store folder in the backup folder.

  • Send the Address Book to a .csv file

To send the Address book to a .csv file, the below mentioned steps are to be followed:

  • Go on the “File” menu, here click “Export” followed by “Address book”.
  • Click on all the files to be exported (Separated by comma).Clicking “Export” will execute the command.
  • Select the “Mail backup” folder in the “Browse” menu.
  • Type “Address book backup” in the “File Name” box. Click “Save” to execute the command.
  • Click “Next”. Now, select the fields you want to send, “Finish” will execute the command.
  • Close the window by clicking “Ok”.
  • Send the mail account to a file

After you have sent the address book to a .csv file, select all the mail accounts you wish to send to a file. After doing so, close that window.

  • Send the newsgroup account to a file

As you sent the mail accounts to a file in the above step, similarly you have to send all the desired newsgroup accounts to a file. The window should be closed after the completion of the task. Now you have successfully backed up the entire Outlook Express data.

  1. Restore the Outlook Express Data

Once we have a back up for the data, we have to restore the same. The below mentioned steps are to be followed for doing this task:

  • Introduce the messages from the backup folder

Introduce all the messages, both new and old in the backup folder. This can be done by Clicking “Import mail” (found in an OE5/6 store directory).Clicking “Ok” will execute the command. This mail has to be sent to “Mail Backup” folder to be restored.

  • Introduce the address book file

Now, we have to open the address book. For doing so; click open. “Address book backup.csv” file placed in “Mail Backup” folder.

  • Introduce the mail account file

Select all the mail accounts you wish to restore. Open them in the “Mail backup” folder (Found in “Look In” box).

  • Introduce the newsgroup account file

Select all the newsgroup account file/s you wish to restore. Open them in “Mail backup” folder (Found in “Look In” box).

You have now successfully backed up and restored all the Outlook Express Data in your computer.