In this article we will represent a methodology enables you to make an image copy of your actual HDD” Hard Disk Drive” to an extra HDD, it’s appropriate for absolutely any operating system on condition that the existing computer machine has at least  a 3.5 ” floppy disk. Simply the “Image” is an identical memory copy of your computer acts the same way you backup copy of your data. Your PC can function using this image of your HDD only if it’s the original one otherwise it fails to operate. It provides all in relation passwords, installations and all the application setting of everyday use. You may wonder, does it affect my HDD contents? The answer is absolutely not it’s totally independent of your HDD’s contents. The image functions through files stored on a floppy disc constructed by a “Clonemaxx” download. According to operating without approximately no processor involvement deserves to be mentioned DMA transfer” Direct memory access”, the cloning process is considerably fast.

Steps to follow:

  • First you need to download the PC “Inspector Clonemaxx”, grab the spare HDD, and set it to act as Slave HDD during the copying process.
  • Check if your mother board reads both HDDs you connected to your machine; don’t run the Clonemaxx until they are already configured.
  • In this step you have to prepare your machine to be cloned by checking on the whole system if it holds the essential requirements you need when making the image to be extracted once demanded. Install all the software applications daily use, make sure that your computer is virus free and well defragged. Once this mission is complete, restart your machine and disconnect the power cord.
  • Now open the case of your computer to add the new drive. In case you own additional power and data cables, you can use them when attaching the new HDD to the Mother-Board; it’s easy as you can just imitate how the old HDD got connected. Incase you don’t have additional cables or there is no non-occupied connections on your Mother-Board for the new HDD, you can temporarily use the CD/DVD drive cables.
  • It’s ok not to nag yourself searching a place fits the new HDD, the HDD packing that came with for protection or insulation is so enough. If you are obligated to lay it into your PC just let a soft insulating material to pose beneath the HDD to avoid any harmful circuitry issued by the case, then close your PC case and reboot your machine.
  • This step will show you if you connected everything like it has to be or you really missed something, if you faced any error messages, you can just turn off your machine and re-connect or alter the cables.
  • Once your machine operates ordinarily, run the Clonemaxx.exe application. The application will ask for making an ‘exe’ file on a new boot floppy disk which in return will make all the data transfer processing
  • Reboot your machine with the previously made disk inside its driver, follow all required instructions presented by the Clonemaxx. A while after functioning, the application will declare that all files have been copied successfully.
  • Now its time to examine the newly installed drive, you can do this by removing all cables lying at the back of the primary drive, install the new drive instead and wire all cables back. Never forget that all the switching and taking off cables work is processed when it’s powered off.
  • Modify the” Cross Connects” to make the newly installed drive behave as” Master”.
  • Close the computer case, remove the floppy from its driver and reboot your machine. You will find that it operates using the new hard drive.

Finally we would like to make you pay attention that SATA connector totally differs from IDE or PATA connector. Make sure to choose cables carefully while you are selecting the drive. Also be aware that the drive capacity is required to be at least the same as the old one in order not to face errors while cloning, and you find yourself forced to re-image it again.