Backing up files is crucial, if you don’t want any of your files to go missing or you accidently deleted them. Backup and Restore functionality on windows 7 is highly improved and will create copies of any and all of your documents, photos, videos or any type of personal files you have created on your computer.  With it you never loose a file forever.

Setup and forget

After the initial setup, you can literally forget about the function, until the time you realise you want to access one of your missing files. With Windows 7 Backup and Restore feature you can setup on your chosen or assigned schedule and files can be backed up to another internal or external drive, your network server or even onto a DVD.  You can also let the windows choose all files or manually direct what files and directories that you want to be backed up automatically.

Backing up to DVD and / or internal and external drives option is available on all editions of Windows 7 – Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. However, you can only use save to a network server/location  (like another network computer, company’s server and/or network external drive storage) if you have Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows 7.


First of all ensure you are logged into as the administrator and know any system password you might have already set up. Begin by opening Backup and Restore from the System and Maintenance option inside your Control Panel window.  Once you are in the Backup and Restore follow these steps:

  • Click on the highlighted link called ‘Set up backup’
  • This will automatically begin a backup wizard in a new window. Here you can choose where you want your files to be backed up. Choose the disk either internal / external drive or network server and click Nextbutton.
  • Choose between ‘Let Windows choose (recommended) and ‘Let me choose’ click on Next button.
  • If you let windows choose the files , you will be directed to preview the selected files window. Or, if you decided to manually choose your backup files, check the files manually on the next window and once you are done you can preview the files. Then click on Save setting and run backup button
  • On the new window you can select how often, on which day of the month and choose the time you want the backup function to automatically run and save files.  Once selected click on OK button and you have successfully setup for backup option

Things to remember

If you choose  windows to automatically select all files except Program files, any files formatted as a FAT file system, any documents already in your recycle bin and temporary or temp files which are larger than 1 GB. Also, the initial backup setup will take some time and don’t  interrupt the backing up process.

The backup feature will automatically create a folder and all your files will be saved at your desired schedule time and date. It is really convenient and important and the first step when you begin using Windows 7.