If you are have been facing issuing with the general operation of the Windows Vista, maybe after you have downloaded a new software or simply that you feel the operating system is not functioning at its optimum level; you might need to do a clean Install of your Windows Vista after you have backed up and saved all the important files, folders and documents to an external drive or disc. However, this should be the last resort to fixing your windows Vista after you have tried deleting unwanted files and run your Anti-virus software to ensure your computer is free from any virus or spy ware that could be slowing your Windows Vista running on your computer or laptop.

Backup your data first

The first step is always backing up all-important information, like files, folders, documents applications and / or programs that you want to save before you reinstall the Windows Vista on your computer. Begin by following the steps to backup data on your Windows Vista computer:

Click on Start and the select Control Panel and in there choose Backup and Restore. You can also reach the backup function by typing the backup on the search menu after you click on Start. Just double click on Backup among the search results. In the backup option, click on Back up Files; this will let you select the files and data you want to save. Alternatively if you want to save all information on your computer you can choose to select Back up Computer, this ensures everything on your computer is saved and this will take a longer time and mostly copies everything other than certain files. You have to decide which one you need to select depending on the disc spec or external disk drive space you will be backing up all information. Choose the drive you want to back up, it can be  DVD or an external drive. This will copy all files you have chosen or the entire computer information to the selected drive.

Run installation DVD

Once you have backed up all information, which is really essentially if you do not want to loose any data. You can insert the Windows Vista CD / DVD into your DVD drive and let it run. Follow the simple to understand instructions and this will install a new Windows Vista operating system on your computer after it wipes out the old. This will ensure better performance and optimum functionality from your computer.

Data back to the new system

You can either choose to manually drop the programs from your back up disc by dropping in on your desktop and visit the backup and restore function to auto backup from the connected drive. You can also choose Restore your computer to a later date if you had previously set a restore time on your computer.

It is essential you backup all your data and advisable t periodically update or backup your files in case your windows vista accidently crashes not letting you save the files. A clean install should fix most of the operating system errors.