The term ‘Wireless security’ is something that is has to be taken seriously. Many of the users, whether in home or office, pay little attention to securing their wireless networks which is why it is often an easy job for the hackers to take advantage of such situations. For many users, terms like LAN, Network, Security, Wireless etc appear complicated and they prefer to carry on with their web based activities rather than paying attention to such aspects.

However, it is strongly recommended to pay more attention to wireless security. It is because hackers are a major threat and they can not only steal personal information but can also cause tremendous damage to the system.

Instructions to block hackers on your Wireless Home Network

By following certain steps, securing the home wireless network can be made very simple.

Step 1: For directing your DSL Internet line to one or more computers in your home, a router and home network setup is usually used. For the purpose, each computer will require a network adapter with a plug that accepts the network cable. If a wireless network is in place, each computer would need a wireless network adapter with an antenna rather than a cable plug. You need to follow the equipment instructions for installation and then use the Windows home office network setup wizard.

Step 2: If you have a WEP router, discard it because it can be easily hacked into, no matter how strong the password is. The router must not be used in any case unless it is provided with the latest WPA security type.

Step 3: A WPA router and network adapter needs to be purchased as the new WPA technology is the perfect choice to ensure the highest level of security for the wireless network. Two of the best router brands that can be purchased are the LinkSys and D-Link.

Step 4: Once the installation procedure for the WPA router and network adapter is completed and the Windows home office network setup wizard is performed, you need to configure the router using the instructions provided in the router manual. It involves selecting the WPA security type and setting up a security key or password.

Step 5: Choose a password that is difficult for the hackers to find out by going for a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. It is suggested not to use only letters or only numbers in the string.

Your wireless home network can be made extremely secure by just keeping two things in mind – by going for a WPA router and choosing the strongest alpha-numeric password. If these things are ensured, other forms of security like MAC filtering, disabling the SSID etc are simply not required.

Despite the hackers being kept away by following the above steps, your computer can still be infected through virus, Trojans and other malware that can damage your disk drives. It is therefore essential to purchase a good Antivirus/firewall software to protect the computer while you are accessing the Internet.