MS Access is one of the most famous products of MS Office. MS Access can be considered as a platform with which one can tackle with a dozen of tasks. Software developers and data architects can make use of MS Access to develop a small software application. Access works on the basis of RDMS (relational database management service) and combines MJDE (Microsoft Jet Database Engine) along with GUI (Graphical User Interface). It also holds a bunch of development tools relating to software development. The latest edition of Microsoft Office Access in the market is the Office 2010. However, a bunch of editions have served as predecessors to the Office 2010 like the MS Office 2001, 2003 and 2007. MS Access is also related to OOP (Object Oriented programming) is supported by languages based on OOP. With Access in hand, one can prepare reports regarding the data one posses and can use Access to develop a Web Page. A unique web page will be created on the MS Access and is also referred as a static web page. It stands for the one on which you can not make changes and remains the same the way you created it. If you long to make changes then you will have to go through the whole process again to revitalize the bug free one. MS Access can accommodate web pages like server generated HTML (Hyper text mark up language) and pages based on data access as well.

Well, you may reckon, like how can the same help to create a Web page? No worries, creating a web page is simple process using the MS Access and can be done easily with the help of it.


Step one

Double-click on the “MS Access” icon to open it. Select the database view to further the process of web page creation. When you click on the database view, a menu will drop down and select the “Open an Existing File” by clicking on it.

Step two

You will be required to access the file which you long to get published and using the “open” option under the “File” tab, double click on the latter to access the file.

Step three

In the tool bar you can see the “File” tab, click on the same and choose the “Export” option by clicking once on the same.

Step four

In the next prompted window, choose the file you long to export. You can access the same by clicking in the file name. In the window prompted click on the “Save as type” option. Once you choose the latter, click on the “HTML Documents” type, so that your file gets converted in to the format of a web page.

Step five

Name the HTML file, by choosing an appropriate name for it. Keep in mind to give a short name to the file. Click the “Save” option to continue.

Step six

Now, you will be required to select template of HTML. Once you’re done with the same, upload your file on the Web Server to get it published. To ensure accuracy and precision, double check the whole.

Thus, with the help MS Access you can not only create reports but also get your work published in the form of a Web page.