Windows Media Player 11 is the next generation media player designed and developed by Microsoft.  It comes with impeccable visual effects and wonderful in built tools which can be used to make the ultimate music jukebox.

Here are some of the tips for music lovers to build the ultimate digital music jukebox using Windows Media player 11:

Customize the playlist:

Using Media Player 11, you can instantly create your personalize playlist by just selecting the Create Playlist option from the Menu. You select the name of your new playlist according to genre, artist or mood and add the songs to the selected playlist.

Change the look and feel of the music player:

Navigation pane in Windows Media Player 11 is also one good feature which can be used to change the look and feel of the player. You can select type of music or the time the music was added. You can also add the pictures to the media for better information.

Add media from various sources:

Media can be added from various sources in Media Player 11. You can Rip music from a music CD or you can add the media from the existing files from your computer. There is also a very good option to Stream the radio broadcast. Users get the functionality to listen to various online radio channels and it can also be recorded on to computer. One can also shop for the online music using Media Player 11.  You can use MTV URGE option to purchase any latest music from the online music store.

Synchronize music:

Media player 11 also gives the functionality to Sync music with external music player like iPod and any MP3 player. All you need to do is to hit the Sync tab while the media player is connected and it will add the music files from your external media player to your computer.

Organize your Music collection:

With the provided in-built Media player 11 tools, you can organize your music collection affectively. There are various ways to sort the music in files and library. You can organize music by genre, artist, album, song, etc.These options will give to the ease of access to your music files.

Using the visualization:

Using visualization option of Media player 11 is one of the major options which can be used to increase the musical experience. There are various types of effects like Burn which can be set according the mood of song.

    These options are very simple to understand and apply and can increase the experience of the media player. All music lovers should make the note of these very simple tips which can help them to make their own digital music jukebox.