Windows Media Player can be used to burn you items, be it MP3 files, photos or videos in a CD or DVD. Burning simply refers to copying the items from your PC into an empty CD or DVD.  However, there are particular types of discs to use when transferring your files and Windows Media Player offers three types of discs. You can choose to burn audio CDs, Data CDs and Data DVDs, and the disc you use for a particular function will vary with the items to be burned. For instance, do you want to copy music only or a combination of music, pictures and videos, how big are the items to be copied and the type of appliance you will use for playing the files later. Do you intend to play your items in a car CD player, computer etc?

Therefore, once your need is established, for instance copying music files, you can burn a standard CD capable of playing in virtually all CD players by selecting the Audio CD option from the available options in Windows Media Player Burn. When burning your CD, the player will make temporary files of the items you selected, convert them to PCM format and copy them to your CD.

What to do:

  • simply click on the Burn icon in your player’s Library
  • open the Burn options and choose the type of burn you want, Audio CD is normally the Player’s default setting
  • Open your PC’s drive and put in your blank disc, CD-R
  • Close AutoPlay if it opens and choose the drive to use if you PC has two CD drives in the players navigation panel
  • Add the items you want to copy to your CD by dragging them from the details pane to your list, you can then change song order by dragging the files to the positions you want in your burn list, or remove a file from your burn list by right clicking and choosing “remove”
  • Soon as your list is ready, click the “Burn” option and wait a few minutes for your CD or DVD to be prepared by the Player

Repeat the procedure for as many CDs or DVDs as you might need, all you have to do is choose an option that matches your copying needs from the drop down menu when choosing type of burn you want. However, the files you copy, particularly the Audio files will not include CD-Texts because Windows does not support it.

To Burn a Data CD or Data DVD

Because your Audio CD only gives you about 80 Minutes of Music, you may want to burn a disc that will contain more items for the same space. For such, choose the Data CD or Data DVD option. The advantage of a data disc is its versatility; you can as well add your videos and photos into one CD or DVD.  When burning a data disc, the player will quickly save your items in their original compressed state and the quality will not be compromised due to any conversion.

Easily burn your favorite music files, photos or videos items by choosing the formats you want and other custom settings. Whether it is data disc to save on space and have more files or an audio MP3 disc, Windows Media Player comes in handy with very easy usage.