Many people like to possess customized things. For these types of people and all others Windows DVD Maker provides a facility of having your own DVD. You can use this software and write the content on any DVD. This DVD will run like a normal DVD on computers and television sets.

You can share videos, pictures and all kinds of data by using Windows DVD Maker. This is a very simple procedure in which you just have to add the content to be burned (on the DVD) in Windows DVD Maker and burn it. Once burned your DVD is ready to function and you can play it wherever you wish to.

The software also provides certain additional features for creative minds. You can customize the menu style or format and text according to your likings. These changes have to be made before burning the DVD.

Adding the pictures

As we mentioned earlier that you have to add your pictures or videos to the Windows DVD Maker to burn them. You can arrange the sequence of the pictures and manage it according to your desires. The pictures added on Windows DVD Maker will appear in the form of a slide show when played. Once you have completed the arrangement of pictures to your satisfaction, you can preview the same. A preview is always advisable as once the DVD is burnt, no changes can be made to the DVD.

Additional Features of Windows DVD Maker

This is not one of the mundane softwares; this one appreciates your creativity and gives you all the facilities to flaunt your creativity to the world. You can design the entire look of the DVD right from the DVD menu to the text. You can even customize the buttons for the DVD menu. The routine feature like managing the order of the pictures is also provided. You can also add music to your slide show.

Final task- Burning the DVD

Once you have added all the content on the Windows DVD Maker and have customized all the things according to your standards, you are ready to burn the DVD.

Note: once the DVD is burnt no changes can be done on it.

The procedure to burn the DVD is very easy. This procedure is enumerated here:

  • Once you are ready with the content on your DVD, click “Burn” in the Windows DVD Maker. The time taken to burn the DVD can range from seconds to minutes. This variance is because the time varies on different criteria like; the size of video or pictures added to the DVD, the speed of your computer, and the speed and efficiency of the burner.

Make a copy of the DVD

If you want to make a copy of this DVD you can do so by following a simple procedure.

First of all eject the burned DVD from the computer. Now, place a fresh blank DVD in its place. You will find an icon “Make another copy of this DVD”, click on it. This command will copy all the content of the burned DVD on this fresh one. This DVD can act as a back up to the original. After you have finished, click “Close” to close the software, and eject the DVD.