I have used windows 7 media center and have nothing but praise for the feature given the way it works. The makers of the windows 7 operating system must have had video lovers in mind when they embarked on this quest because the final product gives you more than one reason to celebrate. If you are into creating video DVDs, this might be the ice breaker for you as I did find out. I would normally create my video DVDs using DVD Flick or any other software programs such as Nero depending on what I wanted. But I must admit, the windows 7 media center takes the whole DVD video making experience a notch higher. I can help but just sit back and indulge as I carry out the burning process. But how do you go about this? Well, I intend to share my experience with you and you will realize it is a simple and interesting task to perform with windows 7.

What you need

To start the process, just maneuver to Windows Media Center and go to “Tasks” menu on the panel. You should be able to see the option “burn CD/DVD”. Simply click on it as it is what you want. You can burn files from your Library using windows media center. It is however important not to assume that you have the feature and as such, you have to have Windows 7 Media Center installed in your PC, have a DVD burner, a writable DVD for instance DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD-RW and the videos you plan to burn have to be in the Windows Media Center Library before you can be able to commence the burning.

What to Do!

To begin burning, simply insert the empty DVD in the DVD burner and then go to Windows Media Center, open it and maneuver to Tasks. From the Tasks interface, you will find the burn CD/DVD option and just click on it. Once here, you will be asked to “Select Disc Format” from which you will simply select the “Video DVD” option and click the next tab. Next will be a prompt for a DVD name which you will create as you like on the “Name this DV”D tab and again click next. Click on Recorded TV or Video Library on the Select media window and just click next. From here now you can choose the video files you want to add by simply clicking on a video, this easy as a tick besides the video tells you it’s selected. Again click next and the on the “Review and Edit” window, check  if you have all the files you want or remove those you don’t want or even add more as you please and when done, just click on “Burn DVD” and you will be good to go.

The burning process might last long depending on your PC’s specifications but it is worth the wait and when the burning is complete, just click on “Done” to finalize the process.