Most educational institutes like school and colleges have internet setup and provide internet access to their students for study and research. Internet is the best source of information, but it also contains threat. Students have access to vast area of information and they tend to lose focus and can visit unwanted websites.

It is also not possible to monitor every student in the school, so the only solution is to provide selected information to kids. This can be done by setting up a firewall.

A firewall can be hardware firewall or a software firewall which is majorly used to monitor network. It can filter out incoming information on basis of keywords, content and size of data. You can also customize firewall to block certain websites or websites which contains obscene information, images, etc.

This is a very helpful tool but it can also create problem sometime. These configurations can block some of the websites which are not threat but comes under a particular group of domain blocked by internet filters. These can be bank sites, any informational site which contains multi domain data, etc. At this stage we may require to bypass the internet filters because we cannot afford to shut down entire security system.

Some basic steps to bypass your school internet filter are mentioned below:

Step 1:

Most bank and financial website works on secure layer or called secure website and if the security settings are blocking such websites you can us https:// <URL> instead of using simple HTT:/<URL> to open websites. This step will allow secure websites to be launched at secure layer without even making any changes in security configuration.

Step 2:

If this method does not work then you can choose other way to bypass such security by using proxy. You can sign in the website with default username ‘student’ and password ‘random1’. This will allow you to access the website however it also keeps the track of the IP Address from where the website is being accessed and keeps tracks of browsing history as well.

Step 3:

If the school administration keeps on updating the block list of proxy websites then you will need to be aware of the latest proxy websites. For this, you can sign in This website will keep you sending the latest proxy websites which can be used to bypass such security settings.

Step 4:

If you tech savvy, and know technology, you can develop your own proxy server. It can be developed with the help of Google apps and one of the standard reference link to that is:

These are the most common ways to bypass the school internet filters but make sure that either you do it legitimately, by taking permission of the administrative authority or you should be ready to face the consequences after you being caught for security breach.