Printing documents or files at times can create so much chaos, that you are close to throwing away the computer along with the printer outside the window. But next time you get tempted to do so, read below and save both money and energy. In printers, sometimes the signals mess around and you loose the information or simply that the print job stopped everything; if you are ok to clear and start fresh, you can simply delete the entire queue. However, if you only want to cancel the jammed or the not responding print job, you can cancel that particular job directly from your Windows Vista computer and let the printer print others.

Cancel a print job from your computer

Depending on whether you are on a network or on a stand-alone computer; you can cancel individual print jobs. Sometimes you might accidently click on the print and soon realise you don’t need to waste the extra paper and cancel the print. Ensure you have administrative properties and also that you cannot cancel a print job of another user if you are in a network. You can open the print queue of the printer you want to cancel the print job. To access this from the Start button, choose Control Panel and then Hardware and Sound. Within the new options you will print printers and by double clicking the particular printer it will open the job queue. The job queue will list all the jobs listed and you can right click on the print and click on cancel; alternatively select the print and click the cancel button on the top menu bar.

Cancel all print in the queue

Sometimes even after deleting the stuck or jammed print; it will not help the situation. You might just need to cancel one by one or simply cancel all the print jobs in the queue.  You can do this the same way, how you cancelled each print job. This time you can select all the print jobs and click on delete or alternatively select Cancel All Documents.

Using run function to stop printing

The print queue is also known as spooler; you can use a run command and stop the entire print job queue. Click Start and selectrun and in the box type net stop spooler, once you click enter this will automatically cancel all prints jobs in the queue. You can also open the run box and type C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS, this will open the Printers folder, where you can individually cancel a print job or the entire queue. To resume the spooler, you have to enter net start spooler in the run box.

Therefore next time you printer or your Windows Vista acts up, by just following these simple steps you can ensure you still have both your computer and printer, same place where it belongs.  It is really common for print jobs to get jammed, even if you only have a single print job; it is only tiresome when you have multiple print jobs and needs to cancel all.