Windows Vista offers a freedom to squeeze sound files. It allows capturing sound files up to one minute at a time. For further recording, one needs to feed a command to continue recording. Hence the users get more power to capture and store loads of music and sound files in a compact way.

With the power of sound capturing system of Windows Vista, you will be able to download and smartly store different sound files in the computer. Another advantage of Windows Vista is its capability of recording sound from every source. It is easy to record a sound from microphone and other devices, and store in the hard disk.

Recording Sound
Recording sound in a computer with Window Vista operating system is quite easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on start and reach the control panel.
  • Open the control panel and look for ‘hardware and sound’.
  • Click the subsection ‘Manage Audio Devices’ under hardware and sound.
  • You will see ‘sound’ as the next subhead; click it twice to open.
  • The next step is to find out the recording device in the computer. This will lead you to ‘Recording’ option.
  • Right click on at any spot in the empty space   in ‘Recording’ option under the sound.
  • You are now exposed to ‘Show Disabled Devices’.
  • You will see ‘Stereo Mix’ as the disabled device.
  • Now you have almost done what you need to start capturing sound in Window Vista.
  • Right click the option ‘Stereo Mix’ to enable it.  Volume is an essential factor to record the sound. If it is turned down, you won’t be able to capture the sound. Hence check the sound level in the stereo mixer.

For adjusting the sound level in the mixer, click the dialogue ‘Properties’ of Stereo Mixer to ensure the recorder mixer is at full volume. If it is not, drag the slider to the full sound volume.  As regards to all other options that open up, you require to just click ‘ok’. You will also need to put your computer volume at the mute level. It is a simple process to record a sound at its originally recorded volume and get it recorded best.

The computer is capable of recording sound only from one device at a time. As such, after you have done with, you will need to disable the Stereo Mix again accessing it from the control panel.

If you want to install the audio recorder, you will get a trial version with full features. Download it ‘free for seven days’ to get the power of direct recording of the sound from a running program on your system.  After instilling the recorder, you will have the liberty to set the recording format on any format you want like MP3, WAV, ACC or others.  It is essential to keep your system clean of spyware to get the beast results of anything you do working on Windows Vista.