Microsoft Access is a database where you can store and retrieve data in an organized way. It is a very user friendly database. Databases are the best way to organize data even for your home use. You might wonder how a database could be useful for a home purpose. Have you ever thought of keeping a record of your CDs at home or even books you have collected over time? All these could go into your Microsoft Access Database. You can keep updating it whenever you buy a new CD or book or whatever. Yes, of course there are other more important business uses also for Microsoft Access.  It is a good database for small business.

Generating Reports

Whatever information you have in your database, won’t it be nice to have a Report

generated from your database about the data that you have got in it? You can create such Reports from MS access. There is a Report section in the Microsoft Access and in the Report section you can create new Reports according to your needs. Report Wizard will guide you through in making Reports. It will ask you through dialogue boxes from which table the data to be chosen , which fields should be included in the Reports and if you need to any grouping of data or sorting on a particular field and so on. There are even different styles to choose from in creating a Report. You can also choose a title for your Report.


Label captions are entered automatically whenever we add a field to the Report. Captions are properties which provide useful information to the user about a field. It stores information like source, size, behavior and the text it displays on the Report. Sometimes you might want to give your own label captions or text in a Report and you can change it by deleting whatever text it was originally stored and adding your own captions in place of that. The ways to change a Label Caption on an MS Access Report but it is different in Microsoft access 2003 and previous versions and for Microsoft Access 2007 and later versions

How to change Captions?

For MS Access 2003 and older versions, it works this way. After you select the Report in which you want the captions to be changed, click on the DESIGN option in the toolbar and then right click LABEL and select PROPERTIES from its menu. There will be a tab for “FORMAT” and there is a text written there which you can delete and add your needed caption. Don’t forget to save your changes.

It is slightly different to change a Label Caption on an MS Access Report in MS Access 2007 and later Versions. After clicking on the required Report, click on “DESIGN VIEW” and then select PROPERTIES from right clicking on LABEL. Rest of the steps are the same, click on the FORMAT tab in ‘LABEL’ and update the text as needed and click on save to your changes .