There is actually a long list of reasons when it comes to having to change the whole assembly of your USB card or the USB port of your Panasonic Toughbook. One can start to malfunction when it is used repeatedly, or if the card becomes outdated.

Most of the devices today that are generally powered by USBs make use of the new and latest USB 2.0 technology. Upgrading your USB card will require you to totally take your laptop apart, in order to gain further access with regards to the USB card that can be found inside. In order to change the USB card of your tough book,

please follow these steps:-

1. The first thing you need to do is to power off the laptop. Afterwards, you must terminate the connection of the power cable to the laptop. In fact, you have to disconnect all of the other hardware devices that are connected to the laptop. You also have to close the screen until the latch clicks shut and place your laptop with its face down, so that you can visualize its base.

2. When you are already facing the laptop’s base, put a little pressure upon what is referred to as a retaining tab. This secures the battery within the compartment. Once loose, you need to lift up the battery from the compartment and then place it aside.

3. You will soon find two screws within the compartment. These Phillips-head screws are responsible for making sure that the keyboard is secure to the casing of the laptop.

4. Turn your laptop facing up. Afterwards, you need to make sure that your LCD display monitor is open to as far as the laptop’s make up can muster. You will know when it is time to stop if you can easily locate a couple of Phillips-head screws on the laptop’s side, just below the hinges of the screen. You need to use a specific screwdriver for removing the screws that can be found on the upper left and right corners.

5. Turn the laptop keyboard face down just over the palm rest. You can easily see the remaining tabs, and you have to make use of a little flathead screwdriver for pushing these particular tabs. These tabs are connected to the motherboard. Since it is connected to the main frame of your laptop, you need to be extremely careful that you do not cause any breaking damage to the ribbon connector.

6. Carefully disconnect the cable for the ribbon from the computer’s motherboard. You also have to take off the keyboard for a short while.

7. Afterwards, you need to lift what is termed as heat sink very gently out of the casing of the laptop. A heat sink is the laptop’s metal plate, which is usually installed toward the middle of your laptop’s motherboard. In short, it acts as the protector of the CPU, or central processing unit. You need to remove it and then set it aside for a while.

8. Once again, you need to close the screen and then put the laptop facing down. You need to take out all of the Phillip-head screws that you can find from the base of the laptop. After you have removed every single Phillips-head screw, face your laptop up again, and open the LCD screen.

9. There are three more Phillips-head screws that you can easily find at the bottom left part of the upper casing of your Toughbook. You also have to work your way with these screws as you try to remove them.

10. To disconnect the connector of the USB card from the computer’s motherboard, you have to slide the card so that it is placed outside of its compartment, and install the new one.

These are the simple steps to change USB card of you Toughbook. Because of the aforementioned guidelines, you can now change your USB card without any hurdles.