For your PC’s security, it is advisable to change your Windows 7 password often or if you are facing challenges with regard to remembering your current password for Windows 7. Forgetfulness is s viable reason for changing you password to prevent the hassles that come with it every time you want to log in.  As such, it is a relatively simple procedure if you want to change your password in Windows 7. It takes a few steps and you are good to go in a few moments time like I discovered.

To Change Your Password

  • To begin, simply access  your Control Panel from the Start menu
  • Once here, go to the User Accounts and Family Safety tab and open. However, be sure to view your Control Panel in List or details because if you are viewing it in the Large icons or Small icons view, you might not see the User Accounts and Family Safety tab. If that is the case, just jump to the fourth procedure of these instructions.
  • Once here, access the User Accounts tab and open it
  • You will see the link, Make Changes to your account on the User Accounts window you have opened, simply access the Change your Password tab and open it.
  • You will be presented with four textboxes and in the first, enter your current password, in the second and  textboxes, write the new password you want to use henceforth while in the fourth textbox, simply enter a Password Hint to help you remember your password later should you forget. The hint is aimed at jogging your brain into the possible passwords whenever you have forgotten or are not sure of your password for any reason.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, simply confirm your password change by clicking on the Change Password tab. Your changes have been saved and your new password is effective immediately.
  • After completing the above operational procedure to change your password, close the User Accounts window and return to whatever it is you were doing with your PC. However, note the password if you can somewhere just to be sure incase you have forgotten completely and the hint is not helping. You must as well remember to use your new password hence forth whenever you log into your windows as it has become active since changing it.

One or More Use Accounts

If you have more than one account, simply access the account you want the laid procedure above and change the password accordingly. Just click on the account name whose password you would like to change once you have accessed it from your User Accounts and do as you wish with the password.

Need for PC Protection

The need to protect your PC has never been greater given the increasing number of threats to your personal information and your computer.

Thus PC security is very critical at this point in time and because you can do something about it, it begins with securing your password or passwords of you have many accounts.