It is a common experience that people often forget where they have kept their things. This is also valid when people use the computers. People forget where they placed a particular file or folder in their computer. As a result they get frustrated because any file can be of considerable importance and value particularly if it is needed at the high time. People have one option here which can help them look for where they have placed that particular file or folder. They use the windows search option which can be found under start options in windows.

Advanced indexing

Windows takes the help of index to search for the files and folders that you specify to it. There are some advanced settings for indexing options. You can change the windows indexing settings to advance settings in order to optimize and make the searches faster on your computer.

Adding certain file types to windows indexing

If you are using a certain file type on your computer that windows index does not recognize then you can add it to the windows index easily to perform future searches faster. First of all you have to open the indexing options in windows. Go to start options and search for the indexing options in the tab. Here you can find indexing options. Now click “advanced” in the indexing options. If the systems ask you for a password, (usually administrator password) then provide the password so that you can proceed further. You will notice the “file types” tab in the advanced options. Click on the file types tab. You will notice “add the new extension to list” box. Here you need to add that particular file extension. For instance, you add the file extension “txt” in the “add the new extension to list” box. Now you need to click “index properties only” and then click ok. If you are adding encrypted files to index make sure that you have a “windows bit-locker” ready on your hard drive. There is no need of any kind of maintenance that the windows index requires.


However at times you can note that Windows is not searching for the files and folders that are already appearing in the search indexing. In this case you need to rebuild the index. The rebuilding of indexing can take up to several hours. However your search will not be optimized unless the index is fully and properly rebuilt.

In order to rebuild the index you need to search for indexing options by going to start and then searching for indexing options. Click on the indexing options. Now click the advanced tab and if you are asked for a password, then provide that password so that you can proceed further. You will notice the “index settings” tab in advanced options dialogue box. Click index settings and you will notice a rebuild index tab. Click on the rebuild index. You may be asked for providing a password in order to proceed further. If so, then provide the password so that index rebuilding process is started and your windows search becomes faster.

Hence in this way you can index through your files easily and it becomes a lot easier to search a particular file in your system.