Computer is like a highly skilled labor being employed by its user. It gives every opportunity to its user to get the maximum out of it. And for that reason has simplified itself for better usage.

Huh!!!! Let’s stop personifying this man made wonder and let us continue to wonder about the incessant increase in innovation that we are witnessing in our computers. The user of the computer is undoubtedly its task master. The task master commands and it works accordingly. For simplifying the user’s work, there is an option called taskbar which is located right at the bottom end of the screen. Taskbar helps you to open your files easily and even enables you to switch between the files.

About Taskbar:
The taskbar has three major sections. The first is the start button which opens the start menu .The middle section is the one which shows which programme or files one has opened and helps him to switch between them rapidly. The third part is the notification area .This part includes a clock and icons which appear as small pictures. The most used part of the taskbar is the middle section that is most commonly used.

Functions and Utility:
Opening more than program can lead to pilling up of a number of open windows at a time. The problem with these windows is that they often tend to cover each other .It sometimes becomes extremely hard or even impossible to locate what is happening underneath. When the same happens it is difficult to remember about the windows and the files that have already been opened. This is exactly where the taskbar comes to be handy to a considerable extent.

The taskbar becomes extremely helpful whenever a program or file is opened a corresponding button on the taskbar is created. An icon is showed by the buttons which represents the open program. If you are trying to interact with a particular window click its corresponding taskbar button .Whenever you feel like switching towards a different window click on the taskbar button corresponding to that.

Change how buttons appear on the taskbar:
This is the crux of the article that is intended to know how to change how buttons appear on the taskbar. The task can be done in the following ways.

Combining hide labels
This is the default setting. Each of the programmes appears as unlabelled single button even when a number of windows are open.

Combine when taskbar is full
This is the setting shows each window as a single labeled button. When the taskbar becomes packed .Programs having multiple open windows would collapse into one particular program button. The windows that are open are usually displayed upon clicking the button. This setting and the Never Combine setting resembles the earlier version of the windows.

Never Combine
The never combine is similar to the combine when the taskbar is full .The only characteristic that separates it is that the buttons don’t fall into a single button regardless of the number of windows that may be opened. As more programs and windows would open buttons would gradually decrease in size and they would eventually scroll within the taskbar.