Notification area enables you to notify and make you aware of the various updates of your computer. It is not humanly possible to keep track of the timings of all your emails or keep account of all your important updates. Think of a situation where you got a job offer through e mail and unfortunately you open it after the interview date was over!!!!!!!  Just   because you were not informed or notified. Suppose you are in the middle of the most important presentation of your life………and your laptop dumps   you!!!!!.   You would be absolutely taken aback because you were never informed or notified about the status of your anti-virus or its validity. Such important is notification area, and such indispensible is its application.  If you want change the icons in the notification area and have been wondering how to do that here is the answer to that. When a new program is installed, sometimes an icon can be added for that program to the notification area. New computers often come out with icons which are already in the notification area, while other programs automatically add an icon to the notification area during installation. The icons notifications that appear in the notification area can be changed. You can also change the order of the icons in the notification area, and the order of the hidden icons by dragging them to the position you want.

How to change icon appearance
In order to remove or hide an icon from the notification area , you don’t have to a expert in hide and seek game, what u need to do is  just to click the icon in the notification area and then drag it toward the desktop.

To view the hidden icons you just got to click the arrow next to the notification area, but if the arrow is not there you don’t have any hidden icons. While for adding a hidden icon to the notification area just click the arrow next to the notification area and drag the icon you want to move to the notification area. For displaying all icons on the taskbar always just right click an empty area on the taskbar, and then click properties. Then under notification area click customize and select option ALWAYS SHOW ALL ICONS AND NOTIFICATION on the taskbar check box and click OK. And if you want to change the way icons and notifications appear in the notifications appear in the notification area, you can customize how icons and their corresponding notifications behave in the taskbar. Right click an empty area on the taskbar, and then click properties. Then click customize under notification area. Then for each icon one has to select one of the options in the list. You can select one of the following options :

  • “Show icon and notification”, the icon always remains visible on the taskbar in the notification area and notifications are displayed.
  • “Hide icon and notifications”, this icon is also hidden, but if the program triggers a notification balloon, it is displayed on the taskbar.

Eventually after selecting either of the option CLICK OK.

To turn the system icons on or off the system icons including clock, volume , network , power and ACTION CENTER are special icons that are part of windows