IP stands for Internet Protocol.  In all communication systems, IP are connected to the public internet which has respected number assigned.  It has four numbers which was disjointed by periods or the technical term “dotted-quad.  Internet Protocol is based or assigned and identified through by country or region.  A certain Internet Protocol (IP) address shows the browser or computer user’s exact location.  Some individuals may sometimes want to change their Internet Protocol Address.

Easy steps on how to Change IP Address in Windows 7:

a.    Let us start on the “Start Menu”;
b.    Go to the “Network and Internet”;
c.    Click then the “Network and Sharing Center”;
d.    Click also the “Manage Network Connections”;
e.    Select your chosen Internet connection you needed to change;
f.    If ever you need more than one, you have to RIGHT CLICK  and select “Properties”;
g.    Next is to click the “Networking”;
h.    Now, you to choose if you need the Internet Protocol Version 4 or the Version 6;
i.    Then click  the “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”, this will reset your Internet Protocol automatically; click OK;
j.    In this step, you have to click the “Use the following IP Address” and set your IP settings’
k.    Lastly, you have to enter your chosen IP Address into the boxes of ÏP Address”, “Subnet Mask” and the “Default gateway.

The other way to change IP address is by turning off the cable modem for about five minutes.  However, it this failed, try again for the second time the process for eight hours.  If again it will produce negative result, it is time to examine the necessary configuration of the ISP or the Internet Service Provider.

To check if your IP address is installed, listed below are easy ways:

a.    If you click the “Start”, the Menu will open;
b.    Choose the “Run”, and a window will open;
c.    You have to type “cmd”  and click “Enter”:
d.    Next is to type the “ipconfig release”, then pound “Enter”;
e.    Your new IP address will be change.

Some advantages on how to Change IP Address in Windows 7:

1.    Changing your IP address is providing more  security and identification to your PC and be different with others on the Internet;
2.    Your IP address will be reliable in all-time website online, even there will be problem like the Internet disconnection;
3.    If you have the knowledge on how to change IP address in Windows 7, it is easy to search for the website you would like to browse using different numbered IP address.

The only disadvantage on how to change IP address in windows 7 is, when you first boot up you will find it difficult to get back to the old IP address even in the short time has passed.

On how to change IP address in windows 7 is to understand well some technical term and basic character of a computer applications and programs and its help to locate the exact address of a computer browser, especially if the user’s job is in line of writings.  Reliable IP means security on your job.