If you are facing problems with your software’s regarding product keys then you are not the only one with such issues. It is a very common problem and often occurs when the existing key expires and the software suite starts malfunctioning because of a pirated key. It is a very common problem plaguing a lot of computers all over the world.

For Microsoft Office 2003 there are two ways to correct the problem, first is that you can uninstall the whole suite and then reload it with a fresh key. The other method helps you in updating or replacing the product key without uninstalling Office 2003.

The first method is very simple but a little tedious in nature.

  1. Click on start and then select Control Panel
  2. Once there click on add or remove programs
  3. In the list that appears select Microsoft office suite and then click on uninstall.
  4. The uninstallation wizard will then guide throughout the process.
  5. Once done, restart your computer.
  6. Then install a fresh copy of office with the required product key.

The steps for changing the product key are given below

  1. Open run from the start menu and then type regedit.
  2. Select got to command form the menu and locate this file:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Registration.
  3. Select Registration Key from the side menu and then try to locate a GUID containing an alphanumeric input. It can be easily identified at it generally looks like a random code.
  4. Select each of the present keys and then look under their “product name” at the side menu. One of the GUID key will contain the details of your Microsoft Office suite. The details must contain its version number and its year of release.
  5. Select that key and then delete two registry entries, namely “Digital Product ID” and “Product ID” form the side menu.
  6. After the settings have been changed, close registry editor.
  7. Now when you will open any office application, if will ask for a new product key.
  8. Enter your product key and then you are done.

Important points that needs to be kept in mind when changing the registry

  1. Always make a back up of the original registry settings so that you can restore the computer if your changes do not work as they are supposed to do. For creating a backup just select the registration tab and then click on Export. Once the list is exported, the system can be easily reconfigured with the import option that is provided there.
  2. If  you are using a 64 Bit Windows machine then the key for Microsoft Office 2003 in the registry editor  will change to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\11.0