Windows 7 is a magic in itself. Microsoft has launched this operating system very recently and has brought about many changes in company’s operating system. The startup program settings resemble the other settings of the operating system. A specific folder is made in the hard disk to save the startup programs in it. When the booting of the operating system starts then all the programs listed in the folder starts its application respectively. With the help of the system configuration tool you can achieve the changes in the settings for the current start-up option.

Few important steps are listed to show how one can change the current startup application. In the windows “Start” button, you will find ‘All Programs”, select this particular option available there. After completing this primary task, then Right-click in the “Startup folder” which u will get in the menu, here you select the “Open All Users” option. This particular function opens the folder meant for all users in the computer. After this, choose the “Explore” option to open the current logged in folder meant for users only.

Try to Right-click on the given folder or the given file which u have started while the computer starts booting. At the end, select “Copy” from the menu bar.

Any white space in the “Startup” folder has to be right clicked in the Step 1, then select the “paste” option from the menu list. This particular program will now open only when the computer is restarted in the next time.

The entire above-mentioned criterion was followed to add a Link to the Startup Folder. Now we shall deal as how to change the current Startup Programs. The following steps have to be followed to ensure proper functioning of the program.

Type “msconfig” in the search text box after clicking the windows “start” button. Doing this particular function will open the System Configuration console.

Then just click on the “Startup” tab button in the Windows, this gives us a view of all the programs installed as startup options. These are program options in our computer.

The boxes of the applications have to be checked thoroughly when you leave the computer for booting. There are certain programs, which you no longer want to start, you should check once and then immediately clear the box, which you have checked.

At the end when all the functions have been accomplished just click on the “apply” option and immediately close the windows for configuration. There will be a pop up window, which will ask you whether you want to reboot your computer. Click on the “Restart” button to reboot your computer. One should reboot ones computer and then save the changes.

It is indeed a very easy procedure to follow. One just have to follow the step in order it has been mentioned and you will get the required result, which you want for your particular operating system. Windows 7 is a user-friendly operating system and can be changed according to the users wish.