Have you ever thought of playing a custom sound when Windows start, or for changing the default sound which is played by Windows when an error occurs? All the sounds which are played by Windows in some special predefined events can be changed and you can put your sound files to be played in such event. This can be done in almost all the versions and editions of Windows operating system which have this feature but over here we will be discussing the same for Windows 7 Operating System.

List of all the files and events in which the sound is played can be accessed from the Sound window. This is the place from where it can be changed as well. To open the Sound Window right-click any where on your desktop and select personalize. In the Personalize window click on option named Sound. This action will open the Sound Window which has several tabs like Playback, Recording, Sounds, and Communications. Click on the Tab called Sounds. This is where you can find the list of all the events in which the sound is played. You can even check the sound by selecting the Event and clicking on Test.

In this Tab at the bottom there is a drop down titles Sounds and next to it is the button called browse. You can select the event from the drop down and then click on browse button to use the file of your choice. Just make sure that since these sounds are played without any support from any media player so only the default format .WAV is supported. .WAV is the default format for Audio files in Windows and it stands for Windows Audio Video. Any file which use wish to use should be of .WAV format and if it is not then you need to convert it first. Files can be converted using any media convertor available on the internet. Same steps need to be iterated for changing sounds of various events. Once you are done with it you can test the sound by pressing the Test button. If the changes are fine you can click on Apply and OK. Just remember that very large or lengthy files should not be associated with any event because in occurrence of that event the sound will play for quite a long time which necessarily will not be good. It will interfere with your other tasks and playback in process. So use files which have a playback time of not more than few seconds. After making changes to the events if you wish you can save your sound scheme so that it can later be applied with just one click. This can be done by clicking on Save As button which in the same Sound Window under the Sounds tab.

If you wish you can record your own sounds of music or speech using the Windows Recording tool. This is a Windows tool and it by default saved the file in .WAV format. The tool can be started by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories and then clicking the Sound Recorder option. For recording sound you need a Microphone and it should be properly configured for usage from the Sounds window and Recording tab.