Most of the users have a tendency to keep using things that are provided to them by Windows XP. But some users do not like the default features of their system; they need to spice up their system according to their needs and likes. This piece of literature is exactly what they are looking for. Using the various methods mentioned in the article the users can change the looks and appearance of their system according to their likes and dislikes. The users can change text on the startup button, one can also change the logo of windows that appear on the bottom left corner near the text that says “start”. To do all this user needs to have software called “Resource Hacker” that is available on the internet.

To change the text that appears on the start button you need follow few very easy steps.

  • Go in the Windows folder in C drive there you will find the “explorer.exe” file copy the file and again paste it with a new name “explorer.bak”
  • You are now ready to use the resource hacker software to make desired changes. After the Resource hacker is launched from its File menu open explorer which will show you a group of collapsed folder.
  • Select the folder number 37 (If the windows that you are using is classic than the folder number will be 38). This folder will contain the resource number 1033 which contains the text that appears on the button.
  • Change the text as per your desire. After this the system needs to compile the changes that you have made in it so click on compile script. Restart the System and you will have the desired changes.

Similarly other changes can like changing the Logo of windows that appear on the Start button can be changed.

  • For this you have to load the resource hacker program open explorer through its file menu. There in the list of collapsed folders you will find a folder named “bitmap” in this folder the subfolder number 143 can be found which contains the resource 1033.
  • Change the bitmap image in the resource and again restart the system in order to apply the desired changes.

All these changes that the user makes as per his/her desires are all revocable but only if they are done properly. This changes that the user makes may affect the sensitive data that is within the system so it is advisable to make a backup such data. Moreover, all these changes means flirting with registry of windows, registry is the heart of the operating system so it is more sensible to be cautious when you make any kind of changes in it because this may lead to some critical system faults which can also cause system failure.

Editing the Windows is fun but one should be cautious enough to do so as it can cause a lot of problems later on. Acquire proper knowledge first and then plunge into doing something. All resources will be available from internet. So, get geared up properly and customize your windows anyway you want.