Microsoft Word is the most widely used text editing software and most of the times we are working on it for our daily work. This text editing software now has several options for creating rich documents full of graphics, formatting, images, hyperlinks, objects, tables and anything which you wish to add in your document. By default Microsoft Word created DOC files but this extension has changed to DOCX in version 2007 and later. Microsoft continued releasing many of its applications with the same customary interface but it all changed in Office 2007 where Ribbons replaced the old Menu bars.

Whenever we open a new window of Microsoft Word it comes up with a new blank document which can later be saved or you can chose to open any existing document. When we save any unsaved document in Microsoft Word we go to the ‘File’ option and then click on the ‘Save’ option. This takes us to the ‘Save As’ box and by default it is the ‘Documents’ folder which comes up as the default folder for saving the new files. If we have to save the file to some other location then we can browse to that location and save the file with ease, but what if you always have to save the files to some other location and changing the ‘Save As’ location each time you save a new file seems cumbersome. There is a setting which can be changed to change the default ‘Save As’ location. In this post I will let you know how to make some other folder your default ‘Save As’ location in Microsoft Word.

Given below are the steps to change the default location:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word. It will come up with a new blank document. Keeping a document open while making this change is not necessary, so if you wish you can close the file.

Step 2: Click on the Office button on top left corner in Word 2007 or later and on the Tools option in earlier versions of Microsoft Word.

Step 3: Once you have required menu open click on Word Options or Options.

Step 4: Click on ‘Save’ option in left pane in version 2007 or and later, and click on File Locations Tab in earlier versions.

Step 5: Now you will find options for default file locations and this is the place where you can change the default location for saving new documents.

Step 6: Browse to the folder and close the Window after applying the changes and that would be all.

Now whenever you will save a new document the ‘Save As’ window will by default keep your desired folder open for saving the new file.