Now computer systems have almost completely phased out the usage of old typewriters and almost every publishing and documentation task is done on computers now. Doing the documentation task on computers gained massive acceptability because it is very easy to create documents on computers, make the changes, make language changes, change the fonts, and editing the entire document. Computers have proved their worth when it comes to typing and creating documents and this is the work which is done the most on computer systems. By default computers are programmed to work in English, but this can be easily changed and you can make your computer work in your own regional language. It is not all about changing the font of the document but it is about changing the overall language of your computer. Even if you do not have a keyboard of your regional language still it can be done and then all you would need is to mark the keys accordingly on your English QWERTY keyboard.

Below are the steps to change the input language of the keyboard as follows:

Step 1: Open the Control Panel. This can be done by clicking on Start Button and then clicking on Control Panel. If this option is not available then click on Start, then on Run and type the command “Control” and press enter.

Step 2: Once the Control Panel opens look for an icon named Regional and Language. Double click on this icon to open the Regional and Language settings window.

Step 3: In this window click on the Language Tab.

Step 4: Click on the Change Keyboards button and then click on Add

Step 5: Scroll and select the language that you wish to use. Also select what type of keyboard you would be using. If you will be using the US keyboard then check it else put a check in front of your local language keyboard.

Step 6: After making the changes click on OK in all the Windows and exit out of the Control Panel.

The steps given above will change the keyboard language of your computer system. Now if you have a keyboard which has all the characters of your regional language marked on the keys then it is good, but if you are using the same old US English keyboard then you need to mark the keys manually. Changing the language of the keyboard changes the default characters of the keyboard. For example if you make the changes and then press the letter A on the keyboard then it will not type letter A but will type the new character as mapped by the new Language. It is always advised to map and mark the new characters on the keyboard so that it is easier to use.