We often take new resolutions on several occasions, be it at the beginning of a new year, be it after marriage, be it after getting a job. But whatsoever it is resolutions are generally taken to improve the efficiency to do better work. Same is the case with computer; we change the resolutions of our computer screen so as to increase its productivity, to enhance its clarity.  Just as we change our resolutions from time to time so does a user with his computer. Thus in order to resolve something about the resolution of your computer screen let us delve deep in to topic and learn what it is all about.

Before we progress any further we must know what actually is implied by the resolution of a computer. Screen resolution basically refers to the clarity that the texts exude on the computer screen. At resolutions that are higher such as 1600*1200 pixels, items usually tend to be sharper and smaller. A lot of items can fit on the screen. While about scre ens with smaller resolutions such as 800*600 pixels things appear larger but fewer things happen to fit the screen.
The resolution of a screen is dependent on the resolution that your monitor possesses. Resolution usually varies considerably from CRT monitors to LCD monitors. CRT monitors are usually has a display of resolution of either 800*600 or 1024*768 pixels. However they also perform well with different resolutions. When it comes to LCD monitors or flat panel displays and even laptop screens support higher resolution but they perform their best at specific resolutions instead of being flexible with all resolutions.
Factors determining the Resolutions:
Generally the resolution supported by the monitor is hugely dependent on its size. Usually the larger the monitor the better the resolution it would support. You can increase the size of your screen but that depends on the size and the capability of your monitor. You can also increase your resolution depending on the video card you have

How to change the resolution:
Your 1st step when it comes to changing the resolution of your screen would be to click the start button. You should follow that by clicking the control panel. Then you must click the option AS “Adjust screen resolution” which falls under the option of “Appearance and Personalization.”
Following the above step you must click the drop down list that is located next to resolution. You must move the slider to the resolution that you intend to have .In order to execute the procedure click on apply.
If you want to retain the new resolution click on Keep otherwise click Revert to go back to previous resolution

LCD screen monitors who include laptop screens as well work their best when it is .Native resolution is not what is recommended to be the state of your monitor all the time but if you want to see the sharpest features n your computer screens then that is the Native resolution is what is advisable. LCD monitors usually come in two shapes, a standard ratio of width to height of 4:3 or a wide screen ratio of 16:9 or 16:10.  A wide screen monitor has wider shape and better resolution than a standard screen.