Window media player has a different option of media streaming that makes the use of the software more. Sitting in on room and listing to the music in other room is quiet impossible. If you have network operated media devices like XBOX 360 or Play station 3, in your house and you wish to watch movie or video clips, or listen to the favorite song of yours in it. It would be a great experience that you are listening to music from a distinct located device. You can make everyone in the house astonish and can show the wonder to your friend. This article will help you to make the complete use of the computer and any other multimedia device

Initial hardware settings:

First be sure that your PC is connected to the network with the device. If not, go and hire a computer network administrator to help you out. It requires a couple of network equipment to buy and get them fixed to the device to connect them like hubs, switches sub-routers or routers. You can buy wireless item or wired anyone that is efficient to use and continent to you. Mostly wireless network devices are suggested as they are more reliable and they cut down the cost of wire. Moreover, they have a free movement of location under the device signal circumference. After assuring the connection proceed to the setting of the device. As every device as a difference in the use therefore the setting is different for each. See the manual of the device to set the device on network mode.

Window media player settings:

Now see the setting of the window media player. It is quiet easy to set the window media player for the networking of the device. As easy that anyone one can do the setting. It neither requires proxies nor IP addresses. Just open the window media player and also make sure the device is turn on. Now go to the library button beneath the titlebar tab will open the library menu. If you cannot see the “library button” so click on the tool then on the option. It will open the option menu. Here locate the tab of library. Click on the sharing configuration button. It will open the required window of media sharing. Here click on the check the “share my media” on. Under it also check the “share my media to” on and the select the device you want to stream too and the task is over.

Fun in use:

Now go and operate your device that you have selected for media streaming. Watch the manual and work according to the instructions. You can now listen to the music or watch a movie or you can do whatever you want to do. This will save you like and money. You don’t have to buy any other device or CD and DVD to store your songs and listen to them on XBOX and Play Station. Your whole house is intranet-worked