Taskbar is the most visible change in Windows 7, I am digging the new look and feel of it, however if you feel you want some change in the way it looks or not happy about it and / or prefer how it was in the earlier versions – it is not difficult to change at all. Windows 7 is all about giving you options and you have ways to make your new Windows 7 operating system taskbar to look or resemble way it way in previous versions of Windows.

All about properties

Most changes can be made in Taskbar properties. You can get to the Taskbar properties by simply right clicking at any free space on the taskbar and choosing properties. What is that bothers you, is it the icons instead of buttons? That is easily fixed, once you are in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, under the first tab, which is Taskbar, change the Taskbar buttons drop down menu either “Never Combine” or “Combine when taskbar is full”. These options are within the Taskbar appearance column. This will let you instantly see that the icons are now changed to buttons with their text written next to it. Within the properties you can also uncheck the “Lock the taskbar” option to allow it to show all icons and functions already set on it; alternatively change the position if you are used to the side rather than always at the bottom.

Unpinning icons

Some Windows tools like calculator, notepad, and QuickTime player are pinned to the taskbar, so you can quickly launch these programs. However, if you feel it is taking the space on your taskbar and want them removed, it is as easy as right clicking on the tool that you want removed and choosing the option “Unpin this program from taskbar”. Alternatively if you still need programs to quickly launch you can use a Quick Launch instead of having your programs listed as icons on the Taskbar.

Resizing and changing view

You can also adjust the icon size to either large or small icons, depending on your preference. By default the program buttons on the Taskbar is displayer as larger icons, you can right click on the Taskbar and change view to small icons; this will resemble the way program buttons were displayed in Windows Vista. Also if you want to change the whole Desktop theme and the taskbar, simply choose the Windows Classic theme to go back in memory lane.

Windows 7 lets you customise the way you want the taskbar to look and your overall experience with the Windows 7 operating system. I would recommend that you try the new features and the look so you can get a feel of the whole smooth finish look, rather than adjusting it back to the way it looked in the previous versions. Make use of Aero Snap, Aero Peek and Quick Launch option to experiment with the enhanced functionality that Windows 7 is giving it to you.