It is relatively easy changing the windows 7 start orb from the task bar. I have done it before and will be giving you the ways to go about it. It is a simple procedure and you should be able to do it from the taskbar along the bottom, or better yet, the Start Orb bottom left maneuver.

To begin the procedure

Simply click on “My computer” tab and go to drive c:\ and open the windows folder. From the folder, you will find explorer and what you have to is simply make create an explore shortcut to your desktop and name it explorer.DEFAULT. Creating a copy of explore is easy, just copy it and paste it on the desktop and do as instructed above. After you have made the first copy, make a second copy, which should be easy, on the desktop again and name it explorer.CUSTOM to differentiate the two. Once that is done, you may need the services of software like Restorator 2007 that makes the whole thing easy.

Download the Supportive Software

It is easy, just go online and download the needed software and install it into your computer. Once you have successfully installed Restorator 2007, open the explorer you saved as explorer.CUSTOM with the Restorator 2007 software and in the left side panel, choose expand bitmap. This will enable you see clearly files named as 6801, 6805 and 6809 and they are the ones you want to change for these to work. The three files all point to the start orb image and are the ones that must be changed. After you have identified the three files, it is time to download any start orb you want and there are a dime dozen. Simply extract the start orb.bmp image that you have downloaded on to your desktop and then go to the Restorator 2007 and right click on the file named 6801 under Bitmap and select the “Assign” option.

Assign the Orb

Once you have been the Assigning option, simply pick the start orb you downloaded from the desktop and click open and immediately after this, the file named 6801 will show your custom orb. Now just repeat the procedure for the files 6809 and 6805 and you will see a shortcut logo on the left that simply tells you the file has been changed but is not saved as yet. It is thus time to save the file by clicking ctrl+s to save the explorer.CUSTOM. you created and immediately, the logo displayed previously will move to the right side meaning it has been saved. On your desktop, you will also find a copy of explorer.CUSTOM that has been saved by Restorator 2997, simply delete it and close the Restorator. Simply go to your drive C:\ again and rename the explorer as explorer.old and move the explorer.CUSTOM file from your desktop to C:\ and rename it as “Explorer.” However, the explore.DEFAULT will remain in desktop.

After doing the above simply restart the explorer process that your windows uses normally and press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, then right click on explorer.exe and choose end process tree and immediately, your screen goes blank.

Just launch the task manager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc and on the file tab, new task option open run and enter “explorer” then OK. You will see your orb in the restarted explorer.