Windows 7 being the latest from Microsoft Corporation is one of the excellent operating system in the market that provides you with all necessary tools to perform your work as well as to make the best out of other factors as well. The display of your computer is certainly a key element that helps you make your machine interactive and attractive. Windows 7 is delivered with a basic blue them with 7 written on it. The Windows Manufacturers have used a lot of blue color in their work because of the fact that the blue color gives you maximum visibility according to the color theory.

Themes in Windows 7

Themes in Windows 7 are diverse and give you a lot of functionality overall and you can certainly get an appealing look delivered through your machine. You have got some very  basic themes that are similar to the conventional ones as used in the past. These themes are simple with no high tech movements. Windows 7 also delivers you an aero theme that you can use to give your computer an enhanced and advanced attraction. You have the option to download a number of themes from the internet online as well as the Windows 7 gives you an option to create a custom theme that suits your personality. You can make the necessary edits and make a theme completely of your choice and have your computer look in the same way as you want.

Playing around with themes in Windows 7

Changing a theme on a system based on Windows 7 is quite an easy job. You can do so by simply following the instructions below:

  • Right click anywhere on your desktop and select “Personalize”. The personalize window gives you with everything related to the display personalization of the Desktop. You are going to have three sections namely “My Themes”, “Aero Themes” and “Basic Themes”. Any theme that you download from the internet is stored in the My theme section. The aero themes are themes that need high graphics memory to run providing you with interacting interfaces to work on. These themes use animations and other 3D effects to vitalize your desktop appearance. The basic themes are simple themes that are made to run on systems that do not support the aero themes. The basic themes can also help you great deal to save your resources for heavy applications.
  • You can click on any theme present around the screen. The best part of Windows 7 inherited from Windows Vista is that you can easily get a preview of your selected theme the moment you click on it. The theme temporarily activates on the desktop giving its complete effects to let you know of how it looks like.  You can either apply and accept or move on to the next one to preview that.
  • If you are not satisfied with the themes available in your system, you can still move on to download more themes from the internet. The online world has a number of themes on subjects of your choice.