You can examine your Microsoft Access tables in two diverse sights – Datasheet view and Design view. Your selection will depend upon what you wish to perform.

Steps you must do:

Release your database file in Microsoft Access.

  • Employ the F11 key to unlock the Database window. Tick on the Table tab.
  • The table that unties is possibly in Datasheet view. From this observation, you can add, delete, copy, paste or arrange data.
  • To amend to Design outlook, click on the table to choose it, afterward open the View menu and select Design.
  • From this inspection, you can effort with the arrangement of the table: Include and remove fields, reorganize field columns and so forth.
  • If you have produced a form for entering data, you will also be capable to change to Form view from Datasheet view. Otherwise, click the View button situated on the peak left area of the toolbar to switch views.

The Exceptions

In Access, you make use of data forms to identify the kind of data every field can detain. A field with a data brand of text can hoard alphabetic characters and numbers. Normally talking, you cannot carry out mathematical calculations by means of a text field. For instance, you can utilize a text field to hoard a street address. Except you do a number of exploitation, you cannot utilize the numbers in the street address in mathematical calculations. You will not be able to figure or average the numbers in an address field, which is okay, since you possibly do not desire to. On the other hand, you can allocate a Test Score field a data style of Number. You can penetrate numbers into the field and then average, sum, or carry out supplementary calculations with the numbers. Nevertheless, you cannot enter an alphabetic character in a numeral field.

What you can do to avoid exceptions?

  • You may want to alter the data category Access allocated to a field, or you may desire to openly allocate a data kind to each field. You can achieve so by selecting the Datasheet tab and then picking the appropriate option in the Data Type field in the Data category & group arrangement.
  • A number of data types permit you to choose the formatting you desire by formatting, you find out how data in a field exhibits. For instance, if you select a data form of number and a format of Euro, every number you penetrate will emerge with a Euro sign in facade.
  • Windows regional settings facilitate you to exhibit information for instance dates, times, and currency that contest the principles or language utilized in the country in which you reside. For example, if you exist in the United States, the currency setting apply a dollar sign.
  • Employ the Windows Control panel’s Regional and Language options to observe or vary regional settings.


Views are diverse ways of staring at the similar object. Tables have four inspections: They are,

  1. Datasheet view
  2. Pivot Table view
  3. Pivot Chart view
  4. Design view.

You make use of Datasheet view to make a table, revise data, or analyze data; Pivot Table examine to generate a pivot table; Pivot Chart view to formulate a pivot chart; and Design view to produce a table or amend a current table.