The wireless network is the best means to abridge the cables chaos and annoying Ethernet wire related problems. The wireless network has not only abridged the problems but also given a convenient means to connect to Internet without the chaotic cables and wires. But the fruitful wireless network is very prone to outside intrusion by the hackers and scammers. Do you have an answer to them?

Yes, you have an answer. The most appropriate answer is to change the default username and password of your Linksys WRT5GL router.

The best seller Linksys WRT54GL has got a very simple and basic kind of password for almost all models designed by the Company. The most popular Linksys WRT54GL has the username which is blank and password as “admin”.

If you think the “admin” password is going to help win the race, then you are in an illusion and you must come out of this as early as possible. A computer savvy person can easily break through your network and can enjoy the service bought by you.

You can easily prevent such users’ by following certain simple and easy tips.


Step one

In order to access the default homepage of your Linksys router, you need to jot down the following IP (Internet Protocol) in the address bar of your web browser. The IP address is “” and the latter is the default IP address for your router.


If you long to find an IP address on Windows 7 or Vista, click on the “Start” menu. Type the command “cmd” in the search bar of the start menu and press the “Enter” key. For the XP users’ simply click on the “Start” menu and click ion the “run” tab and in the prompted window type “cmd” to have the Command prompt ready on your screen.

Step two

On the command prompt window which is black in colour box, type the command as “ipconfig” and press on the “Enter” key. Scroll through to find the default IP address of the router.

Step three

Once you pen down the IP address in the address of the web browser, a window will be prompted. The prompted window will ask for username and password. Leave the Username bar “Blank” and enter the password as “admin” and click on the “Ok” tab to continue.

Step four

Under the “Administration” tab in the Linksys settings page, click in the “Management” bar, to enter in to the settings of password section.

Step five

In the password box, type the new the Router password bar and re-enter it to confirm the password. Keep in mind to choose such a password which is an alpha-numeric one. A simple password will again take all your above efforts in vain.


Step six

Once you pen down the new password, a notice will be produced saying your settings are successfully altered and to re-check go log in; in again.

Thus, this way you can easily change the default password and username of your Linksys router and enjoy an un-interrupted service.