Differing in the password change technique is one of the important advancement. It’s a good thing to keep changing password always for security. It has also changed many times if the user is uncomfortable with current password.

Changing password in Windows 7 is not a very big deal it can be changed easily by following certain steps that are mentioned. Go to the start menu  and  select the option ‘Control Panel ‘ from the open menu. Then after entering the control panel go to the ‘User accounts’ settings  and ‘Family Safety’ Link. After this much now click on the  Link ‘User Accounts’. A Window will appear after clicking on the ‘User Accounts ‘ settings. In that window look for the option ‘Make Changes to your User Account’.After finding this option look for another option inside it with the link ‘change your password’. After this another Window will appear which asks to enter the current  password .So enter the password that you are using currently in the window.

Now there are 2 more boxes below the box ‘Enter Current Password’. Those boxes are tagged with ‘Enter New Password’ ,in which you should enter the new password that you want to use . There is  another column below with the tag ‘Confirm Password’. In this you should again enter the same new password that you are going to use .Entering the password more than once helps you to remember  and make sure the new password typed by you  is correct. Then comes the final option in which you are asked to enter the hint for the new password  that can make you remember if in case you forget it. Though this step is not necessary and can be ignored but is strongly recommended in case you forget the password. The hint is very helpful in making you remember your password.

Now, to change your password look for the change password button below the Window. Click on the button to confirm the changed password. Now you can start using your new password from the next time you log on to the Windows. Now the ‘User Accounts ‘ window can be closed. Now you can restart your pc and start using your new password. Thus, password is an important source of accessing the operating system. It prevents the unauthorized user from accessing the important files, data and information stored in the system. Password feature is also available for the bios settings and hardware system access of the Windows but if in case forgotten then it becomes very difficult to get through it and log on to Windows. The password changing technique for other version of the windows is more or less same with just small features differing in every version from the other one. So with the help of these steps password can easily be changed in windows 7.