Changing the computer name is one of the most important keys in identifying your computer in case of networking. This is especially true for home networks. Remember to put names that you are not likely to forget. Do not just use Computer 1, Computer 2; you might end up not remembering whether you are Computer 1 or 2.

Using XP

If you were a user of XP, you would probably appreciate how extremely simple to do this in there. However, in Windows 7, you would need a few more extra steps before finally hanging up and thinking what to name your computer. There are actually three ways that you can do this.

Quick Method

There is the quickest one which is to: Type: sysdm.cpl in the search box from the start menu. This is not case sensitive though. Second way is through starting in the Start Menu, Right-click the “Computer” option. It would give you a few more options but you would need to follow the next few steps as well. There is also a third way also from the Start Menu.

  1. Choose to open the Control Panel.  And then, go to System and Maintenance option.
  2. Click on “System”. This would display the options on where you can change the name.
  3. You may also find Advanced System Settings if you opt of the second and third option. And then, the tab for “System Properties”, this is where you would be able to see the tabs for changing the computer’s name.
  4. You can now change the computer name through clicking Change. The “Change” is a small button at the bottom part of the box.
  5. There would be a pop-out that would prompt the changes. It would say “Computer Name/ Domain Changes”.
  6. You may then type the new computer name. Keep in mind that the name should be easily identifiable.
    • Remember, the name should be extremely identifiable. There are no special characters that can be used. Only a combination of capital and small letters as well as number and the Hyphen can be used as computer name.
  7. Click OK.
  8. It is also possible to make a short description of what the workgroup is. This is true for small offices say; you may type in “For Accounting Only”.
    • There may be some computers that have an administrative password prompt. You should provide this so that you would be able to change the name easily. If you are not the administrator, then find one who knows the username and password.
  9. Reboot your system. This would show if the changes has already taken effect.

You should always be careful before renaming your computer. There some computers that are already part of a network, there might be some inconsistencies that would only make your computer slow down. Or there might be some important system programs that you might not access through the network. If you are not in a hurry, you better check this out first; this would avoid hassle in times that you are truly in a hurry.