Windows Media Player burn settings can be altered and customized to your unique preferences.  There are quite a number of settings that you can tailor to make the player better and efficient. To change the burn settings of your player, open your Windows Media Player from your programs, or if you had already opened it, simply click on the Library label and access and you can access the Burn icon. Once here, access the “burn options” icon and click on the More burn options icon.  Once you have accessed the More Burn options tab, you can effect a number of settings changes as you deem fit.

Change Burn Speed

To begin with, you may change the Burn speed by reducing it or increasing it, however the default speed is normally suitable, unless it is not working for you. Thus, reducing the speed can correct the challenge and enable your CD/DVD burning progress well.  Depending on what you prefer, you can change the settings of the action the player should take after burning.

Player’s Action after CD/DVD Burning

For instance, you can choose to have the disc automatically ejected when burning is done.  Simply select the checkbox for the CD/DVD to be automatically ejected.  Additionally, you can also alter the player settings by applying volume leveling for all tracks, particularly for songs that were recorded at different volumes originally; the setting enables you to keep the volume at a low for all the tracks you are burning.  What this does is keep the volume at around the same level as you listen to the CD later, rather than have to change it with each track. For smooth, non-stop play, check the Burn Without Gaps check box. This option allows you to eliminate the few seconds silence between your burned tracks.

Depending on the device you want to play your data files using, you can change the extension settings to enable the file play in different devices. The default extension is .wpl however; you can change it accordingly to meet your preference for your data disc, for instance the .m3u extension.

Organize Files and Folders after Burning

Additionally, you can use media info to organize your files in folders in your disc. To do this, select Organize option for arranging files burned to data CDs or DVDs into the available folders. For instance, you can organize your items into folders such Music, Album, Artist, TV, Picture and Video. The unknown artist or album folders are used to store your files whose information is not available. However, you can avoid this by ensuring all the file information is availed before burning your CD.

However, it is important to note that some versions of the player might not be able to convert files to smaller sizes before burning, whereas other CD/DVD burners might not enable burning without gaps, but this can be prevented by installing a firmware update from your PC’s manufacturer. But inspite of that rare minor challenge, changing the player’s burn settings for customised use is good in the way it gives you your prefered audio files or other items settings after burning. It makes the whole experience personal and better.