Windows Media Player enables you rip your audio from a CD and even change your rip settings and customize them for better quality. You can set how you want the files to be ripped or copied into your PC in a number of ways. There are two ways to go about this:

Either, you can decide to change the settings by opening the player’s Library and clicking on the Rip Music icon that has extra settings not found in the rip settings menu or alternatively, put your disc in the CD drive and click on Rip settings icon when Windows Media Player opens.

Change Rip settings with CD in the Drive

Once your Windows Media Player is open, click the Library icon in the far right, upper side of the player. Put a CD into your CD drive and click on the Rip Settings icon and a number of menus will be availed. From the availed Menu, choose the following settings:

Format allows you to change the format of the files you are going to rip. Normally, the player’s default format is .wma but other options exist such as Windows Media Audio Pro that supports a variety of functionalities, for instance multi-channel audio for digital surround systems, full resolution amongst other proficient audio file compressions that are done at low bit rates for various handy gadgets. The extension you choose will depend with the player you intend to use for your ripped music.  Other formats available are Windows Media Audio Lossless, MP3 and WAV Lossless.

Additionally, you can change the Audio Quality settings by altering the compression quality you apply when ripping. The beast audio is given by striking a fair balance between quality and file size.  You can also choose to have your CDs ripped automatically when you insert them into your CD drive and if you have multiple CDs to rip, turn on the eject CD after ripping function.

Change Rip Settings from the Options dialog box

Simply, access the player’s Library and click the Organize tab, from here go to Options dialog box and click Rip Music. You should be able to make certain changes in the settings as you deem fit including:

The first change you can effect is change the directory for storage of the ripped files. In Rip Music to this location, simply click and change the folders you want to keep your ripped files. Additionally, you can change the file names of the ripped music, as it allows you to use a different naming method for your files.  Click on the Format icon to change the file extensions you want to employ in your ripped files depending on the player you intend to use later and size of resultant ripped files. Choose from any of the earlier mentioned formats as you deem fit.  Additionally, protect your music using media usage rights by clicking on the Copy protect music icon. All the other ripped music settings can be altered following either of the procedures for the results you want.

With the above procedures, it should be relatively easy to change your Players Rip settings to any combination that meets your needs and prefereneces when ripping your music files froman an audio CD.